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Enabling Smart Governance through Geospatial Data – CIOReview

CIOReview interviews MapmyIndia’s COO, Sapna Ahuja, on the role of GIS in location mapping, navigation, tracking, IoT and analytics, all invaluable in “Smart Governance.”

“We wish to help the Indian smart governance ecosystem which comprises of smart cities, transportation, and smart governance, informs Sapna, Maps, and location IoT plays an important role in all smart city systems like command & critical intelligent planning, traffic solutions, street light management & solid waste management”.

MapmyIndia’s data services and software are being used extensively by Central and State Government agencies along with associated cloud services or the more secure in-premise solutions within government offices The article shares insights on IoT applications like vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions for public transport, giving important information about traffic, road conditions and places of interest along the route. This comprehensive database is focussed to make governance more efficient, accountable and transparent. The solutions are designed to overcome major civic, emergency and transportation bottlenecks and smoothen delivery of public services that can help the society.

CIOReview highlighted the company’s flagship application called ‘one map app’ to enables citizens to raise complaints, tagging the exact complaint location on the one map app, which is then promptly routed to the concerned department for action. “Through our flagship app now citizens can tag about power outage, street light issue on their exact location and it will be sent directly to the concerned government authority.”

MapmyIndia is working towards solving the unstructured address system with Digital Addressing system called eLocation, will become the backbone of the location-based solution. The vision is to move from 2D/3D maps based solutions to a real-time Digital Twin of the country.