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Mapping The Future for a Smarter India

Rohan Verma CEO MapmyIndia , interviewed for Top 100 Nation builders featured in 100 days of Modi 2.0Aspiring to make the world a better place with maps & Location technologies, Rohan Verma CEO MapmyIndia, interviewed for Top 100 Nation Builders featured in 100 days of Modi 2.0, an exclusive India today edition dated Sep 23, 2019.

For over 25 years, MapmyIndia has been creating India’s most comprehensive & exhaustive digital maps & database. In-Line with PM Modi’s Digital India vision, MapmyIndia’s indigenously built maps are enabling unique applications for over 5000+ enterprise customers and millions of consumers using map and location-based products & solutions.

Rohan Verma gives insights on growing aspects of location-based technology innovations across industry verticals. India is becoming autonomous ready moving towards ADAS, safety maps & EV spider range maps, making mobility more convenient, efficient and safer. MapmyIndia’s vehicle IoT & telematics is playing a crucial role in this growing ecosystem of multimodal transport system. Businesses today thrive on location data, where user expectations are driven by value for money, be it enhancing fleet optimization, increasing efficiency in sales force management, optimizing logistics and supply chain or retail penetration, MapmyIndia APIs are bridging the location gap.

MapmyIndia’s flagship App – Move is the culmination for all our Maps & IoT based products & solutions. Move gives every Indian the choice to move with freedom and safety. The app is integrated with best in class mapping and navigation features as well as tracking and people safety features. Move is our commitment to continuously evolve to make a better future for India. “We continue to shape up the technology for future and leapfrog India into the digital space providing products & services for smart mobility, smart businesses, and smarter cities”. MapmmyIndia was started as a journey of passion and commitment. Now after over 25 years, we serve as a platform to make India a better place with maps and location technologies and we’re committed to hiring a workforce that represents the same passion and love.


SafeMate – A Smart Personal Safety Device for Women, Children & Family!

It is natural for all of us to worry about the safety of our loved ones. Especially given the times we live in, with our hectic lifestyles, during an emergency, getting timely help is imperative. In India, where “bystander apathy” is a big issue, its doubly important for your loved ones to be able to summon help immediately in the event of an emergency.

At MapmyIndia, our mission at MapmyIndia is to make our world better through maps and location technologies. We strongly feel that the safety of your loved ones – especially those vulnerable to crime or being lost – begins with the ability for you to know their pinpointed location at all time, and definitely during an emergency. That’s why we have launched a revolutionary new device, SafeMate, a small personal GPS safety device that provides real-time location information of your loved ones directly to you. The ‘SafeMate’ companion app by MapmyIndia, is available on Google Play Store for Android users, Apple App Store for iOS users, and for web browser users.


Here are some key features:

  • A standalone, highly accurate & sensitive GPS personal safety device
  • It is a small portable, light weight device that can be inconspicuously put on a bag, clutch, pocket etc
  • It empowers users to directly contact those who are most likely to help/organize help
  • A simple plug & play device that could be used to see that your loved ones are safe and sound
  • Completely independent in its operation – The device does not require to be paired with a smart phone
  • Compact, rugged device with a large SOS button sending Panic Alerts over SMS & Email. Supports Multiple Email Ids/SMS Numbers
  • Location sharing on highly detailed maps with house numbers
  • On pressing SOS, sends SMS/Email to the configured contacts along with Location
  • Self-powered extremely durable and long lasting rechargeable lithium-Polymer battery lasting 3-4 days


How is SafeMate beneficial to your loved ones?

  • SafeMate reduces the worries of parents who want to know where their young children are or for family members of women who travel late at night or in unsafe areas
  • It can even be useful to help monitor the safety and location of elderly parents who might get lost or disoriented while going for walks
  • It can be used to keep loved ones informed about the whereabouts of family members who travel out of town for work, business or tourism
  • Schools can make SafeMate available to children
  • Companies can provide SafeMate to employees, especially those who travel late at night or alone to unsafe areas
  • Local police departments can recommend SafeMate be used by residents, to improve the safety of young children, women and people in general in local neighborhoods


What do they do in case of an emergency?

They can instantly press the large and easily accessible SOS button, which will send email and SMS alerts to you and other designated people so that they can help or organize help from emergency services. You can even see their location on extremely detailed house-level maps from MapmyIndia, and get directions to them.

Why is SafeMate the best way to keep your loved ones safe?

SafeMate is ideally suited as a personal safety product compared to other safety apps currently available. Those safety apps, which need and use the mobile phone’s GPS continuously, tend to drain the battery of the user’s mobile phone instantly and require the user to carry a mobile phone with them continuously. For example many schools don’t allow phones inside, rendering those apps useless. On the other hand, SafeMate does not require the user to carry and pair an accompanying mobile phone and its battery lasts 3-4 days, after which it can be charged in just a couple of hours. Most importantly, the dedicated SafeMate’s large SOS button is easily accessible and instantly clickable – this is critically helpful in emergencies. Other apps require the phone to be unlocked, app to be opened and then SOS button to be pressed.

SafeMate costs Rs 6,990, which includes for FREE, Rs 3600 worth of the first year’s SIM card connectivity charges and service subscription fees. Those interested to learn more can visit SafeMate is currently available to buy exclusively on India’s leading e-commerce portal ( There are limited stocks at launch and orders are being fulfilled on a first-come-first-serve basis.


MapmyIndia Locate app to secure cab passengers in NCR

We have undertaken a unique initiative to secure cab passengers in Delhi NCR. In a first, our Locate app will be given to all passengers using Snap Cab, an economy cab service based out of NOIDA. With this the Snap Cab customers can instantly share their location with the near and dear ones once they enter the cab. And as the journey proceeds, the passengers can be live tracked by the contacts of their choice.


Snap Cab is India’s first cab service to offer this dual security net to its customers. Their cabs are already GPS enabled and now with MapmyIndia Locate app the customer is empowered to take further security measures as she deems. “Safety is a big concern for everyone. No matter where we are or what we are doing, well-being of our loved ones is a worry that always lingers in some part of our mind. At MapmyIndia it has been our endeavor to leverage GPS technology to better the lives of Indians. I am happy to see that Snap Cab, by offering Locate app to its customers is addressing one of their major concerns. I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership,” says Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.


“It is a matter of joy for us to tie-up with India’s leader in GPS navigation & tracking technology. MapmyIndia Locate app is helping us address the security concern of our passengers in a hassle-free and convenient way. I feel that that security as a USP will not only earn us the goodwill of the customers but also contribute strongly towards the brand equity of Snap Cab,” says Ashutosh Balwaria, Founder, Snap Cab.

Although no one expects an untoward situation to develop but it is good to be armed for the contingency. Every second is critical in case of an emergency. MapmyIndia locate ensures that during such times you always have access to the right people. They would instantly know how to reach the incident spot. A person can add ten emergency contacts, who will receive access to live tracking of the cab movement.