Support Swachh Bharat Mission – Report clean and unclean place on the map – Let’s Make India clean together!

This Gandhi Jayanti, let’s contribute and support in making India cleaner. On this day, we are extremely proud to share you can actively join & participate in Swachh Bharat Mission by reporting places that are clean, not clean, & that you have cleaned and report them on the MapmyIndia move app ( and web app (

If we all support this initiative, we can see every clean and unclean place in India and we can clean the unclean places near us – and contributing to #MyCleanIndia

How you can participate:

1. Download MapmyIndia Move App on Android & iOS or open in your browser

2. Open the app, from the home screen, swipe up to open the Quick Access Menu or click on the + icon the map on the web portalDownload the app from and long press on the map to report, or open in your browser and right-click on map/click + on map.

3. Tap on Report an Issue Category on the app

4. Now, select the Swachh Bharat Category on the app or on the web portal

5. Report places that are clean/not clean/and those you have cleaned.
6. Share and tag 2 friends to do the same on social media

7. Use the hashtag #SwachhBharatMission
8. Tag official handle of MapmyIndia @mapmyindia and MapmyIndia maps @MapmyIndiamaps

* The post that generates 25+ likes or retweets with the link will be eligible for the prize.
“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
So, let’s step up in support of the Swachh Bharat Mission and help mark places on Map myIndia maps and super app.

Wish you all a happy Gandhi Jayanti 2021.

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