MapmyIndia smartens up vehicle conversations at the 2020 Auto Expo

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By layering AI/machine learning, IoT, EV and other technologies with MapmyIndia’s latest 4D maps, the company has developed the C.A.S.E. suite of products and solutions with the objective of making your car talk to you intelligently, as if it’s just graduated from Oxford. The company claims your vehicle will be able to initiate a conversation with you and respond whenever needed. The vehicle, equipped with various sensors, gadgets, AI, cloud connectivity and interfaced with your phone (via MapmyIndia C.A.S.E. suite), will enable an experience similar to travelling with a good friend or a reliable assistant. The sensors can assess the mood, health, possibility of an accident, or any other need like hunger etc. of the passenger and suggest a solution accordingly. It can be a simple, “Hello! All set for a bright new day.” or “You don’t look so good today. Shall I book an appointment with Dr. Sinha?” or “Be careful! Pothole ahead!” Basically, your car will almost become your better half, just make sure you don’t actually marry it.

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