MapmyIndia releases APIs for developers and enterprises to help add location intelligence to apps and IT systems

Today marks a very big day for us. We have today announced the public launch of our Map API platform for software developers and enterprises. Our API (Application Programming Interface) platform consists of individual APIs for interactive mapping and visualization of location-based data, geocoding (location search), reverse geocoding (address look-up), routing (driving directions), and other location-based analytics such as distance matrix (distance from multiple locations). With these APIs, our users can now easily add valuable location intelligence capabilities and MapmyIndia map data to their consumer (B2C) apps, business (B2B) apps and enterprise IT systems. The APIs are REST (HTTP/JSON) and JavaScript based, thus supporting apps built for various web, mobile and cloud platforms and can be accessed at

We are excited to help software developers and enterprises increase the value of their apps and IT systems by integrating location intelligence capabilities. Our offering is more attractive than other map platforms as it offers best-in-class map data, a price point that starts at free and affordable scales up based on usage, and additional services including custom API and app development as well as base map data licensing options. Our APIs help developers build location-based apps very easily and quickly and are extremely happy that 200 developers have already signed up since we privately released the APIs last month.

By using our  Map APIs, software developers and enterprises can integrate our map data into their location-based applications. Our map database has been continuously built and updated over the last 20 years by employing state-of-the-art mapping and video car survey technologies and the continuous efforts of 400+ field surveyors and 150+ map specialist engineers. Even after the entry of multinational competitors, we remain the preferred source of digital map data for over 1500 enterprises including leading automotive companies, businesses across all verticals and governments at all levels and over 1 million consumers, given its superiority in terms of comprehensiveness, level of detail, accuracy, quality and freshness. Our map database currently includes street-level data for 7000 cities, house-level data for 80 cities, 10 million points of interest, and pan India data for 6 lakh villages, 34,000 pin codes, and 2.1 million kilometers of road network with navigation attributes.

Our APIs are available for free, forever, for developers to build and test an unlimited number of applications. Users that deploy commercial applications, and want higher levels of API transactions and customer support, can choose from one of the available paid plans. The process of building an app powered by our APIs is quite simple. A developer visits the API website, signs up with his/her details, gets a license key instantly, and can start developing and deploying an app immediately. Complete documentation explaining each API, including live demos and downloadable source code of examples, is also available. Enterprises that need quick and hassle-free solutions to their specific location needs can leverage our additional services to develop custom APIs and complete applications, and additional data licensing solutions for the underlying vector map and location database of points of interest, house addresses, pin codes, localities, roads, cities, towns, villages, districts and states across India, as well as pan-India census geo-demographics and locality-wise population and income estimates across major cities.

Our Map APIs are available for use immediately. Interested users can learn more and sign up at


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