MapmyIndia offers GPS tracking systems for FREE for medical transport vehicles to prevent unnecessary stoppages or diversions

During the peak of the second wave of the COVID-19 crisis in India – a smooth, quick, uninterrupted movement of oxygen, vaccine, hospital bed, and medical infrastructure transport vehicles have become of paramount importance. MapmyIndia, being India’s pioneer and leader in digital mapping and advanced location-based and IoT technologies, announced that the company would be offering to install GPS tracking systems for free in transport vehicles.

Offering Free GPS“The fundamental issue that we all have been reading and watching is that oxygen generation is not a challenge, but reaching the person and the place that needs it has become the challenge. A lot of the oxygen tankers and medical transport vehicles are being stopped at different locations, or get stuck at different places. So, transparency and visibility of the whole supply chain is needed right now. So that this unrestricted and uninterrupted movement of vehicles carrying oxygen or other essential medical equipment. We, at MapmyIndia, are the experts in GPS; we are one of the largest providers of GPS telematics systems to all sorts of logistics companies, taxi companies, even consumers for their makers – what can we do to make life easier and our contribution towards this COVID crisis is basically to offer to anybody and everybody – a free GPS tracking system for their vehicles involved in the transportation of this essential medical equipment. We’re relieved that many organisations across the country are leveraging this to help move oxygen and other essential medical goods seamlessly and smoothly to the places of need”, states Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia

The manufacturers, transporters, hospital administrators & government authorities can see the live location/movement of these vehicles and get alert/report instantly if and where those vehicles are stopped, or if it takes a diversion from the pre-planned path.

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If you require the same – write to or call +919999333223 with your company and vehicle details. Your team will be aligned with our installation & live tracking dashboard teams to get you started as soon as possible.

You can learn more about our solutions at and This will help you track the location live, monitor movement & ensure no stoppage/ delay of essential medical equipment reaching where the need is required.

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