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Mapping The Future for a Smarter India

Rohan Verma CEO MapmyIndia , interviewed for Top 100 Nation builders featured in 100 days of Modi 2.0Aspiring to make the world a better place with maps & Location technologies, Rohan Verma CEO MapmyIndia, interviewed for Top 100 Nation Builders featured in 100 days of Modi 2.0, an exclusive India today edition dated Sep 23, 2019.

For over 25 years, MapmyIndia has been creating India’s most comprehensive & exhaustive digital maps & database. In-Line with PM Modi’s Digital India vision, MapmyIndia’s indigenously built maps are enabling unique applications for over 5000+ enterprise customers and millions of consumers using map and location-based products & solutions.

Rohan Verma gives insights on growing aspects of location-based technology innovations across industry verticals. India is becoming autonomous ready moving towards ADAS, safety maps & EV spider range maps, making mobility more convenient, efficient and safer. MapmyIndia’s vehicle IoT & telematics is playing a crucial role in this growing ecosystem of multimodal transport system. Businesses today thrive on location data, where user expectations are driven by value for money, be it enhancing fleet optimization, increasing efficiency in sales force management, optimizing logistics and supply chain or retail penetration, MapmyIndia APIs are bridging the location gap.

MapmyIndia’s flagship App – Move is the culmination for all our Maps & IoT based products & solutions. Move gives every Indian the choice to move with freedom and safety. The app is integrated with best in class mapping and navigation features as well as tracking and people safety features. Move is our commitment to continuously evolve to make a better future for India. “We continue to shape up the technology for future and leapfrog India into the digital space providing products & services for smart mobility, smart businesses, and smarter cities”. MapmmyIndia was started as a journey of passion and commitment. Now after over 25 years, we serve as a platform to make India a better place with maps and location technologies and we’re committed to hiring a workforce that represents the same passion and love.


MapmyIndia was featured in Sunday Times on 3rd December 2017

Revolutionary Entrepreneurship & Importance of Building Valued Products

Delhi: With the progressive digital mapping and location technology that allows navigation with ease in this current age has been possible because of a transformations like that by MapmyIndia- (Make in India Company) founded long before people even knew about internet.
Prior to the time mobile phones made maps ubiquitous, the company founders; Mr. Rakesh Verma and Mrs. Rashmi Verma realized the importance of upcoming need for digital maps and took a bet on the emerging internet space in early 1990s.

Working to develop the products along with understanding the need to be able to work on low profits at the initial business growth stage, the company invested in employees and technology. This crucial practice thereby led to building strong partnerships and loyal investor relationships. The company has evolved and expanded the business rapidly by following core values and practice of creating valued products, by the adhering to build well-organized intellectual property database.
Now, with large contracts with automotive, E-commerce and government entities providing steady revenue and profit. MapmyIndia brings about new products and solutions constantly. The company is at this point is also working on a digital address for everyone and have partnered with the income tax and postal departments.
As stated by MapmyIndia’s MD & Founder Mr. Verma, the practice of building a long-term product which is valuable to the people helps in staying in the sustainable business for a long period of time, especially by entering a business where there are entry barriers for others.

Dainik Jagaran covers eLoc – India’s smart digital address system

The government is planning towards digitally mapping all the addresses in the country, whether residential or official. MapmyIndia’s eLoc, India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address will transform historical addresses and disrupt traditional mapping and navigation services, bringing immense convenience to individuals and significant benefits to businesses and governments across India.

Dainik Jagaran (NOIDA edition - Pg 3) Noida 24 November 2017 - India Posts apooints MapmyIndia Digital Address Pilot

Dainik Jagaran (NOIDA edition – Pg 3) Noida 24 November 2017 – India Posts apoints MapmyIndia Digital Address Pilot

The pilot project is being carried out by the Department of Posts (DoP), which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Communications. Department of Posts will allot a six-character alphanumeric digital address for every property and create eLoc or eLocation. – Once mapped, the addresses will be linked to information like property and ownership details, property tax records, and details on utilities like electricity, water and gas.

Mr. Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia informs that benefits of eloc will help travelers and commuters search, share and navigate to doorstep destination. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains”.

DOP partners with MapmyIndia to bring the power of eLoc to all of India

Times of India Nov 16, 2017
The department of post – which is under the ministry of communications — has ordered a pilot project that will accord a six-character alphanumeric digital address for every property for three postal pin code locations. A simple, standardized and precise pan-India digital address system , includes over 2 crore eLocs of individuals, businesses and government set-ups (properties, flats, buildings, residences, houses, offices, businesses, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads etc) across urban and rural India.

Accessing and integrating these eLoc data, MapmyIndia MD, Rakesh Verma said, “eLoc will help travelers and commuters search, share and navigate to a destination’s exact doorstep far more easily and quickly. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains”.

Times of India DOP partners with MapmyIndia

Times of India – DOP partners with MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia to bring the power of eLoc to all of India

MapmyIndia to bring the power of eLoc to all of India


Financial Express Interviews Shivalik Prasad for his thoughts on the future of Car GPS devices

Smartphone have replaced many devices— including small cameras, notebooks, voice recorders, portable stereo systems and one such is standalone navigation with plethora of smartphone navigation apps. The concept of finding an unknown place has got much easier than before while exploring new places. So is it safe to say smartphones have replaced the standalone navigation device?

“Standalone GPS devices are simply more convenient to use. You can rely on these devices, without the problem of data connectivity”. Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director, MapmyIndia, informs “There are still a lot of customers who want a product that’s fit for one purpose, i.e. showing maps and guiding you to your destination. You can use your phone too for navigation, but a device is more convenient to use. So don’t dismiss car GPS devices yet!

standalone GPS devices

Car GPS devices

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