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MapmyIndia (CE Info Systems Ltd) becomes a publicly listed company on the Indian stock exchanges

On Tuesday, 21st December 2021, MapmyIndia hit a special milestone.

We became the first Indian digital mapping and geospatial technologies products and platforms company to get publicly listed on the Indian bourses. This landmark was reached under the leadership of our co-founders, Rakesh Verma (Chairman and Managing Director) and Rashmi Verma (CTO), and our CEO & Executive Director, Rohan Verma.

While our journey over the last 26 years has been long and arduous, it has certainly been worthwhile because of all of those who have been associated with us in some way, shape or form – our users, our customers, our well-wishers. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

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During the listing ceremony of MapmyIndia, our co-founder, Rakesh Verma said, “Back in 1995, it was our conviction that 80% of all data would have a location component. With that conviction, now, we can say that the use cases will be unlimited, with imagination being the only limiting factor. Today, I’m grateful to all MapmyIndians – thanks to you, you dedicated your life, time to build the digital map, which we safely say is the best digital map in this world for our own country.” He added, “I feel one chapter is coming to a close, but we are in a happy place as the new one is emerging, which is even more powerful and strong.”

Our CTO, Rashmi Verma also shared her thoughts on this occasion, she said “Listing MapmyIndia is an important milestone of our strategic vision, and combined with a very good execution process based on the fundamental three pillars – our people, culture and our customers, we have been able to build this passionate set of people. People are our biggest asset and taking care of their well-being and growth is built into our ethos. Since the inception of MapmyIndia, we have instilled in our culture customer centricity, so we believe our partners are our customers and our customers are our partners – creating a long-lasting relationship.”

On this momentous occasion, our CEO, Rohan Verma, had the following words to say, “These few weeks of December 2021 mark a special milestone. MapmyIndia (C.E. Info Systems Ltd) is becoming a publicly listed company on the Indian stock exchanges. We always wanted to build an enduring and impactful company that is for India, from India and by Indians. So, we are really happy to go from being privately held to publicly held, with lakhs of public shareholders across the length, breadth and depth of India.”

Our mission at MapmyIndia has always been to build world-class maps and technologies and bring infinite positive benefits to everyone through our company’s efforts. You – our customers and users – mean the world to us! We are extremely committed to continuously innovate, improve, evolve and will always do everything possible to better serve our country, our customers, our users, and our shareholders.

  • To find out more about how our products and solutions can benefit your organisation, please visit
  • To experience our world-class consumer offerings, you can download our free-to-use app from or access our online portal
  • To enhance your apps, products, solutions and enterprise tech stacks with our accurate maps and powerful functionalities, explore our easy-to-integrate and wide range of platform APIs at

MapmyIndia, MoRTH, IIT Madras sign MOU to make Road Travel a Safer Bet


Minimising Accidents through Real-Time Accident Prone Zone Safety Alerts to Drivers during navigation & Driving on Highways with help of FREE for citizen indigenous mobile app and also in-vehicle systems, powered by geospatial data analytics of historical accident data

Mumbai, December 17, 2021: Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, IIT Madras and MapmyIndia, India’s leading digital data and technology products and platforms company for maps, geospatial and location-based IoT, today signed an MoU for collaboration on driver and road safety technologies, and jointly launched India’s best and FREE-TO-USE navigation app service for all 130+ crore Indians. 

The MapmyIndia app, enhanced with the support of MoRTH and IIT Madras, provides road safety alerts to users about upcoming accident hazards while driving. By using this navigation app, users will get voice and visual alerts about upcoming accident-prone zones, speed breakers, sharp curves, potholes etc, to ensure they can drive carefully and avoid accidents. Further through the app, users and authorities can also report and broadcast accidents, unsafe areas, road and traffic issues on the map to help benefit other users, which will be analysed by IIT Madras and MapmyIndia and will then be used by the Government of India to improve road conditions in future.

The MapmyIndia, which won the Government of India’s Attmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge in 2020, additionally offers a myriad of mapping, navigation, safety and hyper-local features to help users in their day to day lives as they move around their city or across the country. The collaboration between MoRTH, IIT Madras and MapmyIndia represents the best of the public sector, academia and private sector coming together to offer a world-class, locally relevant, indigenous solution.

This is a truly Aatmanirbhar, Sarvottam Bharat initiative, and all Indians are encouraged to download and use the MapmyIndia app, and take benefit of these enhanced navigation and road safety alerts while driving. Further, all government organisations at central, state and local levels such as transport, public works, road and traffic departments and authorities are encouraged to use the app to report and broadcast information about accidents, poor traffic or road conditions, road works etc., so that users can be quickly alerted about potentially dangerous areas. 

Additional notes:

  • This joint and strategic collaboration between MapmyIndia, MoRTH and IIT Madras will drive a series of technology-driven road safety outcomes across the length, breadth and dept of India – covering all 6.3 million kilometers of roads across India and across all approx 8000 towns and cities and 7 lakh villages
  • Citizens can use the simple and free-to-use mobile and web apps of MapmyIndia, to get India’s best real-time safe routing and navigation experience, when driving their passenger cars and 2-wheelers, delivery bikes, trucks, buses, autos and taxis
  • Authorities in the government, road and traffic sector can use MapmyIndia’s powerful tools to visualise and analyse road conditions and road safety hazards in real-time and geospatially. They can further use MapmyIndia’s operation tools to dispatch and manage their field staff and fleet of vehicles and monitor the construction and maintenance of roads and road signs, to ensure road conditions are improved.
  • Further, both citizens and authorities, as well as volunteers and well-meaning organisations can report unsafe road conditions and real-time traffic situation on the map, to help others passing later through those roads stay safer using MapmyIndia’s app and web portal
  • MapmyIndia’s real-time road safety maps get embedded through its APIs and SDKs, as well as in-vehicle connected navigation systems, into the most popular consumer apps of India, and are also embedded into most vehicles across India. Thus, the reach and benefits of MapmyIndia’s initiative on road safety can scale rapidly to population scale. All other consumer facing apps, as well as taxi delivery driver and rider apps, and commercial taxi and delivery vehicles, can also embed MapmyIndia’s APIs, SDKs and connected navigation software to ensure all 130 crore Indians benefit from this and road accidents are minimised
  • In line with the vision of Honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji for Gati Shakti, to halve India’s logistics costs, and generate huge investments in creating high quality road infrastructure and aligned to Union Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji’s mission for zero road accidents – these technology interventions and road safety initiatives of MapmyIndia, MoRTH and IIT Madras will ensure the capital and time in road construction and maintenance will be well invested, citizens’ lives will be saved, and movement of people and goods will become safer and faster

The free-to-use app can be downloaded by visiting

To know more view this link : 

About MoRTH : Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) is an apex organisation under the Central Government, is entrusted with the task of formulating and administering, in consultation with other Central Ministries/Departments, State Governments/UT Administrations, organisations and individuals, policies for Road Transport, National Highways, Road Safety and Transport Research with a view to increase the mobility and efficiency of the road transport system in the country.

About IIT Madras : IIT Madras is a premier academic and research institute constituted by the Government of India under the Institutes of Technology Act 1961, has been actively involved in developing various data-driven initiatives for improving road safety. IITM had conceptualized and designed an integrated road accident database for deployment across India. IITM also is actively involved in building capacity and capability, particularly in advancing road safety across various State Governments and to Government of India.

About MapmyIndia (C.E. Info Systems Ltd) : MapmyIndia is India’s leading provider of advanced digital maps, geospatial software and location-based IoT technologies, founded and headquartered in New Delhi in 1995. More at 

ISRO and MapmyIndia announce partnership to offer India’s best, and completely indigenous, mapping portals, apps, and geospatial software

• Path-breaking milestone in India’s journey towards Aatmanirbhar Bharat, wherein Indian users would not be dependent on foreign organisations for maps, navigation, and geospatial services, and leverage made in India solutions instead

• Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and MapmyIndia, the pre-eminent indigenous, local organisations in maps and geospatial technologies together provide end to end solution which is world-class and better for India compared to foreign mapping apps and geospatial software

February 12, 2021, New Delhi/Bangalore: Today, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) and MapmyIndia announced a path-breaking Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative to partner together to offer India’s best, and fully indigenous, mapping portal and geospatial services by combining the power of MapmyIndia’s digital maps and technologies with ISRO’s catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

Through the combined partnership with ISRO, MapmyIndia’s end user maps, apps and services will now integrate with ISRO’s huge catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data, and would be a much better, more detailed and comprehensive, as well as privacy-centric, hyper local and indigenous mapping solution for Indians, compared to foreign map apps and solutions. Users will be able to see in MapmyIndia’s maps, navigation, and geospatial services, all of India from a bird’s eye point of view, and also benefit hugely from the various map-based analytics and insights about weather, pollution, agricultural output, land use changes, flood and landslide disasters, etc. This will become the most comprehensive and useful maps, navigation, and geospatial service for India. MapmyIndia’s maps and APIs will enrich ISRO’s geoportals, empowering Indian scientists, academia, researchers, and government organisations with the best of India’s satellite imagery, earth observation data, and digital map data, and advanced geospatial technologies, all combined together in a fully indigenous Aatmanirbhar ISRO-MapmyIndia platform.

Commenting on the occasion, Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia said, “This is a special moment for us at MapmyIndia. For 25 years, we’ve persisted, despite many odds, because of our passion for India, for maps & technology, and our never-ending desire to positively impact society through business. This partnership with ISRO heralds new dawn of Aatmanirbhar Bharat in the strategic area of maps and geospatial technologies. I’d like to thank first and foremost our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji, for his clarion call for an Aatmanirbhar Bharat and Vocal for Local and for him personally driving reforms in space and mapping sectors. I’d also like to especially thank ISRO Chairman, Dr. K. Sivan and ISRO Scientific Secretary, Shri R Umamaheshwaran and the entire ISRO team for guiding us and facilitating such an amazing partnership. I’m committed to seeing all Indians benefit from the good work we’ve done at MapmyIndia over the last 25 years, and helping accelerate India’s rise as the most advanced country in the world through the full power of our maps and geospatial technologies, all developed indigenously in India, for India, and in future, for the world.”

There are many reasons why Indians are better off with an indigenous solution for maps and geospatial services. MapmyIndia, being a responsible, local, Indian company, ensures that its maps reflect the true sovereignty of the country, depicting India’s borders as per the Government of India, and hosts its maps in India. MapmyIndia pioneered digital mapping in India in 1995, far before any foreign organisation, and for the last 25+ years has created India’s most comprehensive, accurate, detailed, feature-rich, and continuously updated digital map data product. MapmyIndia’s maps cover all 7.5 lakh villages, 7500+ cities at street and building-level, connected by all 63 lakh kilometers of road network pan India and within cities, in total providing maps for an unparalleled 3+ crore places across India. This is by far the most exhaustive digital map database of the country, created entirely indigenously using world-class, state-of-the-art mapping technology over the last 25 years, far before any foreign organisation started offering maps for India. Similarly, ISRO is India’s crown jewel when it comes to space and satellite technologies. It has pioneered so many advances when it comes to the frontiers of space and has an enormous catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation for all of India, that it generates and publishes through its constellation of satellites. ISRO is more responsive to the satellite imagery needs of Indians, especially during times of crisis and disaster.

Foreign mapping solutions come with a lot of hidden costs. For e.g., foreign search engines and companies claim to offer “free” maps, but in reality, they make money by targeting the same users with advertising based on invading user privacy and auctioning those users’ private location and movement data. This should be very alarming to all citizens. On the other hand, MapmyIndia has an ethical point of view against advertising led business models of such companies, and hence, does not have an advertising business model. By using MapmyIndia maps and applications instead of the foreign map apps, users can better protect their privacy.

MapmyIndia instead has built a strong, sustainable business based on delivering world-class, positively impactful, and valuable digital map data products, navigation solutions, mapping APIs, automotive technology platforms, geospatial analytics, and GIS solutions, IoT and telematics products, big data, and AI solutions, enterprise software (SaaS) / platforms (PaaS), and full-stack digital automotive, business and government technology solutions to enterprises and app developers, and GPS gadgets and apps for consumers.

This sustainable and direct, clean business model ensures that MapmyIndia’s maps and apps can be kept free of cost as well as free of ads for users. 5000 leading enterprise customers, including automotive companies, government organisations, businesses across industry verticals and app developers, leverage MapmyIndia’s maps and advanced technologies, collectively empowering over 20 crore Indians indirectly, validating the quality and capability of MapmyIndia’s digital maps and advanced technology products, in spite of facing competition from foreign, big-tech giants.

To learn more, visit and

About MapmyIndia (CE Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.)
MapmyIndia is India’s leading digital mapping & location-based deep-tech company, a 100% make in India organisation and winner of the Government of India’s Aatma Nirbhar App Innovation Challenge 2020. MapmyIndia pioneered digital mapping in India in 1995, and since then has built India’s most comprehensive, accurate and feature-rich digital map data set down to address and urban building level detail pan India, covering all villages across India, and the entire road network of the country.

MapmyIndia has also built a whole suite of location-based technologies, applications, APIs, IoT solutions and has capabilities across the map APIs, navigation solutions, tracking systems, IoT & Telematics solutions, GIS and geo-spatial analytics solutions, big data, AI/ML, computer vision, cloud computing, edge computing, consumer apps and enterprise SaaS, and IoT devices and gadgets that it delivers to individuals, government organisations, businesses, automotive companies and app developers. With its vast experience and expertise, MapmyIndia provides platforms and solutions for citizens, residents and local, state and central government authorities towards Smart Cities, Digital Door Number Address Systems, Urban Planning, Urban Transportation & Mobility, Emergency Response, Road Safety, Smart Governance, Swacch Bharat, Grievance reddressal, Traffic Management etc.

MBRDI collaborates with MapmyIndia to bring COVID-19 safety navigation service to the customers in India

Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) innovates with yet another engineering prowess; develops MBUX info system with COVID-19 Testing Centres in navigation
This innovation is developed by MBRDI engineers in India in collaboration with MapmyIndia

  • All Mercedez-Benz cars with MBUX system sold in India will now come loaded with MapmyIndia COVID – 19 India guide, which will update the users in real-time about COVID-19 related information
  • Mercedes-Benz Indis plans to launch new ‘Mercedes Me’ app for its connected services in July this year

Bengaluru – Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI) has equipped the third generation of the new GLS launched recently with fully packed connected services through its latest MBUX multimedia infotainment system. As a timely-innovation, the infotainment system will enable users to navigate to the nearest COVID-19 testing centres using the most updated information provided by ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research). This makes the SUV provide important information to its users at the time of need through its connected services.

As the number of cases continues to grow across the globe, MBRDI engineers in Bangalore have achieved this integration in a record time of two weeks, in association with leading service provider of maps & location technology, MapmyIndia. The 12.3-inch infotainment system handles requests using voice commands and gestures.

Mercedes-Benz India users will immensely benefit from MapmyIndia’s COVID-19 India Guide, as they will now have real-time and accurate information about the high risk or no go areas, and thus avoid these while travelling. The information is sourced from the latest government notifications and guidelines issued from time to time, and other credible sources.

Commenting on this innovation, Manu Saale, Managing Director & CEO, MBRDI stated, “This is a proud moment where the team has developed this much-needed innovation to add another layer of safety for our end-customers in India. Our infotainment team, who have a key role to play on the entire MBUX including the Interior Assist & Rear Seat entertainment, earlier this year was instrumental in launching another timely innovation for Korean market where the infotainment system helps in navigating to stores with N95 masks/ respirators, also.” He added, “Our technology platform for MBUX both in onboard (Car) & offboard (Cloud Backbone) is built in such a way to accelerate new services and features to our customer.”

Adapted to suit the Indian requirements, the interior assist software which is another unique function to control the interiors features of the car using gesture. A significant portion of the software application for MBUX is developed at MBRDI in Bangalore. An upgraded Mercedes Me connect app is planned to be released, next month for enhanced user experience.
Upon request, the MBUX infotainment panel will display the centre name, address and phone number. This hyperlocal mapping and location intelligence features are designed to ensure vehicle owners to navigate hassle-free during the current times. This feature gets automatically activated without any hassle of paying an additional fee. As a next step, the team is also working to include Corona treatment centres and many other unique features as well.

Commenting on this collaboration, Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia, said, “Mercedes-Benz is renowned worldwide for its highest level of safety and customer comfort. Ever since the pandemic broke out, our teams have been developing tools and solutions leveraging its best-in-class indigenously developed location technology to benefit Indians. I am happy that a leading company like Mercedes-Benz India has partnered with us in furthering this effort of ours.”

MapmyIndia team is continuously updating new facilities and health centres (testing, isolation and treatment) capable of handling Corona cases, as they come up across India. These are both government and non-government. This data will be available for all the major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune.

MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools and APIs to help businesses safely resume operations, post lockdown

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in digital maps and location-based technologies, has launched COVID-19 Tools & APIs (httpss:// including map APIs, location-based analytics and GIS (geographical information systems), navigation and route planning, location tracking, fleet and field workforce management to help organizations and businesses open up safely post lockdown. MapmyIndia’s pan-India hyperlocal safety assessment, planning, operational, and visualisation software/tools/APIs empower businesses to assess, visualise, analyse, plan, generate real-time location-based alerts and operate their pan India strategy and activities at a micro- and hyper-local level.

MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools & APIs will help maximise business/economic activity and productivity while increasing the safety of all stakeholders – office employees, field workers, delivery and driver staff, and of course, consumers and society at large – from the threat of coronavirus spread. Organisations and developers can also integrate MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools and APIs into their internal employee and external consumer-facing web and mobile applications. This will ensure that the organisation’s entire employee and consumer base is aware of the relevant localised corona safety information and alerts. MapmyIndia is actively working with organisations across various sectors such as Automotive, FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, E-commerce and many more to help them deploy these tools and APIs.

“We, at, MapmyIndia are committed to working towards defeating the Coronavirus threat and have from time to time introduced solutions that have helped individuals, governments, and businesses in this hour of need. The lockdown is coming to an end but the threat is still there; hence we need to be on guard. MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools and APIs suite includes Pan India Route & Location Safety Assessment vis-a-vis the evolving corona threat at a hyperlocal level. Organisations and users can map out all their business information and activities such as employee locations, office branches, outlets, and distribution and delivery routes. I am confident that MapmyIndia COVID 19 Tools & APIs will add immensely to the decision-making and operational capabilities of various organizations to resume the much needed economic activity, while keeping Indians safe” says Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia.

MapmyIndia COVID-19 Tools and APIs will enable organizations to ensure the safety of their employees, consumers, vendors, and other stakeholders. Armed with comprehensive and updated information, they can make a realistic threat assessment and decide on the best modus operandi to open up their enterprise across locations:

  • Which employees to allow back to work in office & factories or keep working from home
  • Which business locations, office branches, outlets, etc. to open or keep close
  • Which retail locations and outlets to service and deliver goods
  • Which routes are safe or not safe to use to move goods or transport people
  • How to dynamically update route plans for the movement of goods or transport of people
  • How to give employees corona related proximity alerts and information as they travel for work
  • How to give employees real-time safe navigation avoiding micro-containment zones

Adding another layer towards consumer safety, enterprises can integrate MapmyIndia’s maps, tools, and APIs, into their consumer-facing apps, websites, and their customer support call centres and chat-bots. Keeping their customers informed on:

  • Corona-related safety status of retail outlets to give them confidence in visiting those locations
  • Safety status of routes taken by the vehicles and workers who brought goods for them or are helping transport
  • Corona related proximity alerts as they use the organisation’s apps
  • Real-time safe navigation avoiding micro-containment zones as they travel to the organisations’ retail locations

MapmyIndia has been proactively working towards the mitigation of the COVID -19 threat through its Move App, and MapmyIndia COVID-19 Public Guide and Map APIs that offer hyperlocal & updated Corona related information to millions of users across India, and in conjunction with many leading central and local government authorities. This includes food and hunger relief centres, night shelters, corona testing, and treatment & isolation centres (Public & Private). MapmyIndia users can also report to the relevant authorities local on-ground lockdown related issues that the citizens are facing on the accurate interactive map.

Today 5000+ organisations already use MapmyIndia’s exhaustive and precise digital map database for the entire country. The tools and APIs for maps, navigation, geo-tracking, and geo-analytics serve varied cross-functional needs of the organizations including strategic planning, operations, fleet management, field workforce management, logistics, marketing, sales, distribution, customer experience, and consumer-facing mobile and web apps. Organization can get in touch for more details on

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