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Enabling Smart Governance through Geospatial Data – CIOReview

CIOReview interviews MapmyIndia’s COO, Sapna Ahuja, on the role of GIS in location mapping, navigation, tracking, IoT and analytics, all invaluable in “Smart Governance.”

“We wish to help the Indian smart governance ecosystem which comprises of smart cities, transportation, and smart governance, informs Sapna, Maps, and location IoT plays an important role in all smart city systems like command & critical intelligent planning, traffic solutions, street light management & solid waste management”.

MapmyIndia’s data services and software are being used extensively by Central and State Government agencies along with associated cloud services or the more secure in-premise solutions within government offices The article shares insights on IoT applications like vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions for public transport, giving important information about traffic, road conditions and places of interest along the route. This comprehensive database is focussed to make governance more efficient, accountable and transparent. The solutions are designed to overcome major civic, emergency and transportation bottlenecks and smoothen delivery of public services that can help the society.

CIOReview highlighted the company’s flagship application called ‘one map app’ to enables citizens to raise complaints, tagging the exact complaint location on the one map app, which is then promptly routed to the concerned department for action. “Through our flagship app now citizens can tag about power outage, street light issue on their exact location and it will be sent directly to the concerned government authority.”

MapmyIndia is working towards solving the unstructured address system with Digital Addressing system called eLocation, will become the backbone of the location-based solution. The vision is to move from 2D/3D maps based solutions to a real-time Digital Twin of the country.

Problem Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Business India (Dec 19, 2016-Jan 1, 2017)

Anu Saraf of Business India got a chance to speak with Mr. Rakesh Verma, Managing Director & co-founder of CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. the holding company for MapmyIndia. It is said that every problem is an opportunity in disguise. So was demonetization. It all started whem senior officials from SBI contacted MapmyIndia, asking to make them an app which would help the customers find SBI ATMs which had money in them. The biggest challenge was that this project had to be completed within a week’s time. “I am proud to state that we worked 14 hours daily to make this happen” says Mr. Rakesh Verma. This is not our first time, we had earlier undertaken a similar drive, when we make an app for the government, detailing location in rural India where LPG cylinders were available.

Speaking of his business Mr. Verma says “although we were cash positive, our turnover in 2004 was only Rs. 4 crore, which increased to 6 crore in 2006. Now it is estimated to Rs. 135 crore in March 2016 with a profit of Rs. 27 crore after taxes.
The company is known to have grown 60% last year, largely on account of our licensing business. MapmyIndia was in the news last year when Flipkart picked up 34% stake in the company summing up to Rs. 544 crore, valuing the company to Rs. 1600 crore.

Business Today covers MapmyIndia’s DriveMate


Nidhi Singal from “Business Today” covers MapmyIndia’s DriveMate. DriveMate is a unique plug-and-play GPS tracking device that can offer real-time monitoring of your car. To learn more about DriveMate visit :-

Autocar Reviews MapmyIndia’s DriveMate

Saumil Shah from Autocar “One of the India’s leading automobile magazine” reviewed DriveMate and explained that how DriveMate helps you to keep track of the vehicle. It is explained in the article that how the app updates you after every 15 seconds with the vehicle speed, battery charge and engine status. With DriveMate, you will get SMS and current activities along with the entire history and location stamps for your car. Also, DriveMate helps to get the accurate reporting about the location during the testing process. Know more here:


Autocar Reviews DriveMate

The advantages of private mapping

At the recently concluded ESRI India User Conference 2015 event,  Mr Shishir Verma was featured by the Geo-Spatial Media. He spoke at length about the advantages of private mapping.