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MapmyIndia gets ready for smart city projects

Mapmyindia’s mission is to make the world better with maps and location based technology.  Not one government, one authority or one person can do it. At Mapmyindia, we  are excited to start playing a crucial role in India’s Smart City revolution through our maps, GPS and location solutions, and are happy to play our part in putting all the pieces together for the last 20+ years to help make India better, to make India smarter.

Reporting issues on a public map make them instantly actionable and make the responsible agencies accountable to respond quickly and appropriately. Be it water logging, potholes or poor mobile network or bad traffic or places where we feel unsafe, in an actionable manner – by pinpointing them on a map and describing the problem, we can help the society.

Helping us in our Endeavour, to spread the word, “ S Ronendera Singh at Business line The Hindu”  communicates how MapmyIndia is developing awesome apps through its Appmyindia platform for one to directly report or post the exact problem to the concerned authority.

MapmyIndia believes “By leveraging on map and Location expertise, we can enable our government and citizens to make informed decisions when answering the challenges that urban and industrial infrastructures face today”

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Autocar Reviews MapmyIndia’s DriveMate

Saumil Shah from Autocar “One of the India’s leading automobile magazine” reviewed DriveMate and explained that how DriveMate helps you to keep track of the vehicle. It is explained in the article that how the app updates you after every 15 seconds with the vehicle speed, battery charge and engine status. With DriveMate, you will get SMS and current activities along with the entire history and location stamps for your car. Also, DriveMate helps to get the accurate reporting about the location during the testing process. Know more here:


Autocar Reviews DriveMate

Smart Cities and Safe Cities: How Maps & Location Technologies can be a critical enabler.

A lot has been written on smart cities by esteemed individuals and various companies. I thought why not put in a few words as to where does MapmyIndia stand in the entire area of Smart City. So what is the definition or meaning of smart city? Different entities and organizations have different meanings, from our definition it means something where various civic and citizen services are digitized and information is available in a heartbeat.


As most of you know India is a vast and large country. We have many languages, a very old civilization and a very heterogeneous population with a very complicated addressing system. Each part of India has a different method to make / write addresses. Take the case of Mumbai sometimes also known by its old name of Bombay. In Mumbai there is a famous open area known as Shivaji Park. The road in front of it is officially known as Veer Savarkar Marg, but it is also known as VS Marg, it was also known in British times as Cadell Road and it is also known as Mahim galli (as the road narrows out once it moves from Dadar area to Mahim area). Hence depending on the age of the person, different people call the road by different names but it all refers to the same road. This scenario is common across the cities.

What MapmyIndia has done is to put together a comprehensive Indian address directory structure which can used to plan and build smart solutions i.e. when the new or existing cities are re-planned, the correct address, house numbers, road names, building foot prints, footpaths etc will be readily available for the implementation partners. We believe that using the MapmyIndia database, it will be easier to kick-start smart Urban Planning, which will result in smart cities.

Now for Safe cities, we have launched a product called SafeMate and are working on various emergency response solutions, which I will discuss in a follow on post.

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Location is fast becoming the foundation of the app economy. Though location-based services have been around for some time, it is only with the recent spike in penetration of smartphones with GPS that it is being used for business. Many applications such as hyperlocal e-commerce and cab services are built on location at the core. Increasingly, most businesses are adding location as a critical component of segmenting customers and delivering services.

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MapmyIndia partners with Eicher (VECV) to secure School Children with Integrated Safety Solution

We have recently partnered with VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (A JV between Eicher Motors Ltd. and Volvo Group) to ensure the safety of children from point of boarding till drop-of.  Being a pioneer in the safety, we have yet come up again with this initiative to provide a safe and secure transportation to school-going children by providing telematics solution. The customers have the option to purchase the Eicher range of school buses equipped with an integrated safety solution developed by MapmyIndia. The solution provides a comprehensive safety veil for children right from the point they board the school bus till the time they come back home safe & sound, and everything in-between.

Child safety is a primary concern for parents as well as school authorities. With both parents working there is always an anxiety and concern about the little ones going to school. Our child safety solution has been especially developed to address their concerns. We are happy that a leading automotive company like VECV has joined us in our mission to secure school going children. A new breed of highly secure and connected school buses have been developed, synergizing VECV’s expertise in manufacturing high quality school transport vehicles and MapmyIndia’s experience in developing, integrating and implementing state-of-the-art safety solutions. This, we are confident, will prove to be a big boon for the schools and a matter of satisfaction for parents.

Enabling a Connected School Bus

  • Location Entry, Exit Alerts (via SMS & Email)
  • Boarding/De-boarding SMS
  • On-board cameras and DVR with live streaming to monitor children and driver
  • Driver authorization
  • Emergency button
  • Remote vehicle disabler
  • Speeding Alerts
  • Activity alert
  • Live Tracking – On-board school bus/In the school premises
  • Reports Scheduling on Email
  • Historical Route Play

The integrated safety solution deploys state-of-the art GPS tracking, AV and Internet technologies to build a foolproof child-safety system. It addresses most safety and compliance concerns of parents as well as the school. The solution incorporates Vehicle tracker, RFID tags for children, on-board cameras (in front and the back of the bus) and DVR along with GPRS connectivity for live two-way communications. These will track and report child’s movements during school hours. Parents will be sent important alerts of various activities of the child during the day as they happen. In case of emergencies immediate alerts will be sounded for swift response.

How it works

How it works