Are you interested in learning about how Location Based Services can benefit your organization? TODAY at 3:00 PM

Location is fast becoming the foundation of the app economy. Though location-based services have been around for some time, it is only with the recent spike in penetration of smartphones with GPS that it is being used for business. Many applications such as hyperlocal e-commerce and cab services are built on location at the core. Increasingly, most businesses are adding location as a critical component of segmenting customers and delivering services.

If you are interested in knowing how LBS benefits today’s enterprise, Login at 3:00PM TODAY to hear Rohan Verma, Director of ‪MapmyIndia‬ explain how you can leverage the power of location for your enterprise!

Join this webinar, and learn:

  • What is LBS?
  • How it works?
  • Where can it be used?
  • How can you you leverage it?
  • How to get started?


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