Workforce Management for KYC

WorkMate is Software as a Service product which provides both web as well as mobile interfaces that are customizable to business requirements. The Field representatives can download the application on their smart phones and simply 'check-in' to capture the location, take pictures of the site, document customer information etc. The same gets synced to the server as when connected to internet.

Further to this, MapmyIndia has its own reverse geocoding engine which will convert the location information captured to the best possible text address. Urban will have locality/sub-locality/ street/Pincode level detail depending on the city wherein Rural will have Village Name/Pincode level address detail. KYC address data and gathering location information is simple & easy with WorkMate!


Offline: The application is Rural Proof which means the app works completely offline. The work will be safe even in case of loss of connectivity. The moment it gets GPRS or WiFi connectivity again, all the work will sync with the server.

Ease of Use: There is no requirement on the type of phone or connection required. It is a tool completely compliant with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, whereby it will work on any type of phone. There is no specific hardware or any requirement of any special enterprise software in order to use it.

Addresses Privacy concerns: WorkMate monitors location during Work Hours! Just mark Work start time and finish time and let WorkMate monitor the locations between these times only.

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