Workforce Management for Crop Loans

For validation of crop, banks can use MapmyIndia’s workforce management solution - WorkMate - to capture the location of the farms along with photographs. It is Web App with High resolution satellite imagery (HRSI) that will help to verify the location and validate information. The Field representatives can download the application on the smart phones and can simply do a check-in to capture the Lat/Long of the location, take pictures of the site, document customer information etc.

For example, a field workforce employee through WorkMate can verify the location of the agricultural land and upload photographs taken from the location, validating that crops have been sown. The same data will be sent to the server. Next, the location of the farm land against which the crop loan is being approved, can be visualized against the map with satellite imagery, which shall provide first-hand information to the banks on validity of the loan demand.


Offline: The application is Rural Proof which means the app works completely offline. The work will be safe even in case of loss of connectivity. The moment it gets GPRS or WiFi connectivity again, all the work will sync with the server.

Ease of Use: There is no requirement on the type of phone or connection required. It is a tool completely compliant with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, whereby it will work on any type of phone. There is no specific hardware or any requirement of any special enterprise software in order to use it.

Addresses Privacy concerns: WorkMate monitors location during Work Hours! Just mark Work start time and finish time and let WorkMate monitor the locations between these times only.

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