Location Analytics is a vital input for Decision Making

With location intelligence, financial institutions can visualize and analyze critical market characteristics such as concentration of demographic, lifestyle profiles, affluence distribution, catchment granular detail and so-on. These variables can easily be combined with customer data and business data (sales & revenue data) to make more informed decisions and develop effective strategies for business success.

Location analytics leverages and enhances data and systems to gain dynamic insight. Combining geographical data with business intelligence data for location analytics presented through interactive map based dashboards simplify complexities and allows to make effective decisions.

MapmyIndia provides powerful insights through various location analytics for improving business performance, choosing right products and locations, minimizing risks, optimizing processes eventually resulting in success!

Types of Analyses for BFSI

MapmyIndia has an array of geographical and location based business intelligence data (Demographics, Affluence data, Assets, Amenities, Pincode, Rural Potential Index, Hazards etc.) which can empower BFSI sector immensely. Some of the Popular Location Analytics for BFSI Sector is as follows:

  • Site selection for new branches / ATMs etc. – We will help you understand where you should open new branches or ATMs to maximize your return on investment.
  • Branch / ATM Relocation – We help you find the best location to relocate your current branches or ATMs to gain new audience, have higher reach, reach your optimal target audience, have higher usage, etc.
  • Sales & Gap Analysis – We help you understand where your sales are high and low on a map, as well as the opportunities with regard to your target audience. For example, are there untapped markets where your business should expand?
  • Catchment Analysis – We analyze territories to assess the potential customer base in that area with respect to your business.
  • Competition Analysis – We can help you assess how a branch or outlet is doing compared to competition in the same area. This will help you gain insights into the market landscape.
  • Risk Analysis – MapmyIndia can help assess the risks associated with actions that you plan related to location. We use high powered location technology combined with our map data to understand risks related to location.
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