ATM Tracking

An ATM is an extremely high-value asset which needs to be monitored and protected. Increasing instances of ATM thefts has presented a problem for the Banking industry in India. MapmyIndia’s ATM tracking solution helps in identifying the location of the asset, generate an alert or alarm if the asset is moved, and then tracks it’s location, in case of a theft.


  • Live Location Tracking: The Map Interface will show the live position of the ATM Machines. Asset Trackers will be attached to these machines.
  • Alerts: In-case of any theft or ATM machine being moved from their designated location, alert will be sent to the concerned officials. Since the Tracker will be attached to the machine, it will be easier to locate it. This will enable security of the ATM machines.
  • ATM with cash: MapmyIndia’s ATM tracking solution also has an interface that enables a user to know whether the machine has cash or is out of cash. Thus, the user can know the nearest machines with cash and navigate to the location.
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