Address Standardization, Validation & Geo-coding

There are two techniques that we can use to help your business with address standardization, validation and geo-coding.

1. Geocoding through MapmyIndia In-house automated tool.
This technique is suitable for large dataset, locations and Historical data processing.

  • Automatic Geocoding tool on intranet at MapmyIndia premise
  • Quick results and score for accuracy matching
  • The tool also provides the level at which the address is matched
  • Helps in reducing the manual/field efforts

2. Manual geocoding for specific & small number of dataset
MapmyIndia has a team of skilled analyst. In-case of any specific requirement and small quantity of dataset; manual Geocoding can also be done. This is a time consuming process but good quality result/outcome is achieved.

This kind of Geocoding technique is suitable for less quantity of dataset and where utmost precision is required and there is no rushing timeline.

  • Manual Geocoding Process by GIS Analyst at MapmyIndia premise
  • Quality results and score for accuracy matching

Geo-tagging from Field Data Collection

MapmyIndia has in-depth experience in data collection from field surveys. The surveyors collect the exact coordinate from field using handheld GPS devices.

This kind of Geocoding technique is suitable when Addresses in the database are not hygienic and it is not possible to geocode using automated processes.

  • This is typically a geo-tagging process
  • MapmyIndia field staff collects data from the field using handheld devices/mobile phones
  • Data will be directly synced with server

I. Territory Mapping
Using GIS tool & techniques, MapmyIndia can define and map the business territories geographically. Various analytics can be done on well-defined territories to understand the business present status and needs.

II. Web & Mobile Application Development
MapmyIndia has skilled team of developers to build intelligent web & mobile based applications.

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