Integrate your existing systems with
Workmate Field force management App using APIs

A set of powerful field force management APIs help you to connect your existing systems with the workmate app to provide location intelligence to your field users.These workforce management APIs are powered by MapmyIndia's own Map, IoT and Workmate platform



User Details

  • Get all your user details like name, email ID, user ID, employee ID, reporting manager details, work location details
  • Workmate user ID helps to link your existing system with the Workmate app
  • Workmate user ID can be stored in your existing system, and it can be used while creating the customer details or assigning the task to the field user

Company Configurations

  • Configurations related APIs help to get the company level information which can be passed on to the below mentioned
  • Client Category API provides the configured client type details like ID and Name which can be used while creating or updating the client
  • Forms API provides the list forms configured under the account. It helps to get the unique IDs of different forms and it can be used in custom form data API.

Client Details

  • Get all your customer details from Workmate app to your existing system and visa versa
  • When you use the Workmate app, you will be able to get the exact lat,long of your client
  • Show the nearby client details on map to your field users
  • Client location helps to get your field user to reach the doorstep of your clients
  • Using this API you will be able to get the client's unique ID, name, address ,lat-long, and the client & department contact person details
Client Details
Client Details

Task Management

  • Tasks can be assigned against the client stating the due date, task purpose, task name, description, and they can also be passed on to the user
  • Task information helps the user to reach the customer location and perform the task
  • Get the task status like assigned, completed, overdue, WIP
  • These APIs let you perform create, get, update and delete operations against the task


  • Report related APIs help you to fetch the details back to your existing system
  • Movement Report API gives the individual user's location data which includes address, time, speed, phone's battery level
  • Attendance Report API gives the user's attendance based on the work start and end activity along with the travelled distance
  • Forms Report API gives the filled form details along with the check in/out information

API Documentation

Workmate APIs follow the Oauth 2.0 authentication. To get started, create one Workmate account and then send the Client ID to to get the workmate APIs access.

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