Live Traffic Flow and Events– Advanced WEB APIs


It’s time we bring about some of the creative solutions, we could get, to relieve the traffic nightmares. With MapmyIndia Live Traffic information and real time navigation one can manoeuvre the route and still reach the destination on time. It helps the drivers to choose the best options available to reach the destination fast and efficiently.

With the collection of billions of GPS probes every day using variety of IoT devices and other sources including Vehicle data, Car Rental service data, Mobile applications, MapmyIndia commits itself to robust Live Traffic service availability at all times.

MapmyIndia has provision to support both Dynamic as well as Static location referencing. TISA certified TMC location tables and other open source information for encoding, transmitting and decoding location references in digital maps is used to generate the Traffic data.

Creating engaging web and mobile applications with MapmyIndia’s powerful API’s helps to create best routes with current traffic conditions in real time.

Coverage Currently available in over 30 cities across the country including All Metro cities and selective Tier 1 Cities.

Route & Driving Distance API with Live traffic information.

The Route / Driving Directions API & Driving Distance Matrix API currently offer live traffic information integrated into their routing algorithm. The advanced routing engine takes live traffic feed from our state-of-the-art traffic engine and calculates the route information in real-time with additional information about ETA also accordingly adjusted.

Interactive Map API for with live traffic layer.

Live traffic will soon be available as additional layer apart from the hybrid satellite-map imagery layer.
This layer will be also available similar to the hybrid layer, as a JS map layer.

Live Traffic layer will portray live traffic information in standard color representation to reflect real-time congestion on all major roads of the cities covered by MapmyIndia.

* Note that some APIs are available only to customers who subscribe to our Enterprise plan. For details, please visit Pricing page.