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MapmyIndia Search API connects your users to what is interesting, useful, and worth knowing in your vicinity with its own proprietary Amoeba search engine.

Discover places and let your users seamlessly explore for an address or a business or any place with precise & high performance APIs such as Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding.

Our Search is knitted into the very fabric of everything we build - maps, navigation or telematics & underlies every app that helps users explore their world.


Help Users In Finding What They Need

MapmyIndia works on relevancy & tuning mechanism which translates into POIs that are accurate and deliver meaningful, value-added information.

Because incorrect POI data can lead to consumers arriving at the wrong place or having false expectations about what’s there.

We believe in providing value to preciseness of vicinity and being biased to a location - sorted by distance matters in physical world.

Our Nearby API is an overture to our rich & wide range of POI categories; which users may utilize as per requirement in vicinity - because every value-added information matters.


High Precision Matters

We often don’t just want to know where it is, but what it is.

Connect people to the world with MapmyIndia's Geocode API - a hyper-precise point addresses engine.

Our Reverse Geocode work on ranking based machine learning algorithms, that provides best possible match with referenced results when coordinate input is located in sparsely populated areas or is imprecise or incomplete.

Boost the efficiency of your business, spot new opportunities, trends and patterns with MapmyIndia Search.


Sense The world Seamlessly

To Gain Highly Relevant Results

Help your users populate online query forms faster, efficiently and accurately for usage such as delivery addresses or generic search bars.

MapmyIndia uses a smart word "suggester" mechanism that lets you search for locations with a nice auto-suggest experience as you type (type-as-you-go).

Empower the consumer to take smarter decisions by adopting the powerful search features from MapmyIndia.

What All You Can Curate & Create

Ride App

Search Itinerary

Store Spotter


Nearby API

Search for nearby places in a category near a given location


Auto suggest API

Get "type as you go" suggestion while searching for a location


eLoc API

Bouquet of APIs to integrate the revolutionary, nationwide digital address system

Geocoding API

Get most accurate lat long combination for a given address

Reverse Geocoding API

Get the nearest address for a given lat long combination


Text Search API

Easy To Integrate Maps & Location APIs & SDKs For Web & Mobile Applications


Address Standardization API

Powered with India's most comprehensive and robust mapping functionalities.

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