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[Native integration] MapmyIndia Location APIs and real-time data to help Amazon Alexa answer user queries for nearby places.


APIs for Routing

Help your users reach destinations through routes optimized by time and distance. By integrating MapmyIndia’s Routing API, get access to distance matrix to multiple locations and directions for various driving profiles along with real-time traffic and live ETA.

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Routing & Navigation Stack
Routing API

Routing API

Provides optimal & alternate routes between two or more locations (with or without traffic)
Live Demo | View Documentation | GitHub

Driving Distance

Driving Distance Matrix API

Provides driving distance & time for one-to-many and many-to-many scenarios (with or without traffic)
Live Demo | View Documentation | GitHub


Distance Matrix with Predictive ETA Distance Matrix with Predictive ETA

Provides driving distance & time between two locations using a predictive ETA algorithm considering historical traffic conditions
Contact us | View Documentation | GitHub


Snap to Road API Snap to Road

Snap given GPS point snapped to the real-world geographic road network
Live Demo | View Documentation | GitHub

POI Along The Route API POI Along The Route

Provides points of interest (POIs) of a particular category along a set route
Live Demo | View Documentation | GitHub


Navigation SDK Navigation SDK

Add turn-by-turn navigation functionality to your mobile app
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We are more than directions

Solve complex routing problems

Provide point to point directions with upto 98 stop points. Suitable for applications like deliveries, travel itineraries, logistics and more.

MapmyIndia Routing APIs make the routing experience for your users hassle-free by creating efficient routes for fleets, car rental services and other similar applications.

Distance Matrix API

The right technology makes all the difference

Distance Matrix API for multiple destinations

The MapmyIndia Driving Distance API considers historic, live traffic data to help your application predict travel time & distance from a single point of origin to multiple destinations (one-to-many), as well as from many points of origin to multiple destinations (many-to-many).

Powerful pre-trip analyses allow for smarter fleet allocation, thereby boosting efficiency and lowering operating costs.

snap to road

Increase accuracy with Map Matching

Snap to Road to align GPS coordinates

Imagine the times when GPS points deviate from the actual road and start reflecting on obstructions like trees, buildings, etc. These individual mis-alignments stack up while calculating distances or while retracing the path traveled and thus lead to huge errors & costly overheads. Now imagine all your GPS coordinates which follow the geometry of the road network: Our USP is to take GPS points collected along a route and return a similar set of corrected & aligned data with the points matched to the road with our intelligent Snap To Road API.

Now seamlessly calculate accurate distances from points which follow the geometry of the road & show accurate positions on map. This API provides a critical feature that is immensely valuable when tracking assets and for data analytics of path traversed by vehicle, people or assets.

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