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Mapmyindia Routing Services solve the complex routing problems for fleets,
enterprises and individuals. These services are powered by comprehensive and
updated map data and provide accurate turn-by-turn navigation between two or
more geo-locations.

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Vehicle Routing Problem

Get a set of optimised routes for your fleet of vehicles to
traverse and reach a given set of customers.

  • Route planning and scheduling
  • Optimise routes for transportation
  • Reduce travel costs and time
  • Maximise per vehicle utilisation
  • Better customer service

Save Cost and Time


Less Carbon emission


Utilising cutting-edge AI/ML-based methodologies to compute optimal routes - MapmyIndia VRP solutions.
We not only minimise the total transportation distances/time but also solve for determining the optimal
order of delivery of items to a number of locations with a fleet of vehicles.

  • Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) The vehicles have a limited carrying capacity of the goods that must be delivered. It can be single or multi quantity dimensions(e.g. volume, weight, number of packets, etc.)
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Profits/Priority (VRPP) A maximization problem where it is not mandatory to visit all customers and to visit customers maximizing the sum of collected profits while respecting a vehicle time limit.
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) The delivery locations have time windows within which the deliveries (or visits) must be made.
  • Vehicle Routing Problem with Skill Sets List of vehicle skill(s). A delivery/pickup can only be served by the vehicle if its required skills are a subset of vehicle skills.

Drive Range Polygon

Creates the drive time polygons which determine how much time one will need to reach other locations in a specified amount of time

  • Real-time trip assignment Solve problems due to aerial distance-based assignment of trips by using real driving range calculations provided by Isopolygon API.
  • EV Range Calculation EV Range Anxiety relieved by calculating dynamic distance-to-empty in all directions from the vehicle’s location by using Isopolygon API to find distance or time based driving ranges.
  • Property search Limit search results according to the users’ preferred commute times to work
  • Site Selection: New office/ store location Site Selection is always a big decision for a company. Isopolygon API helps to choose an attractive location for new sites towards satisfying the needs of the existing employees/customers.
  • Delivery/ Catchment Area Analysis Isopolygon API can help to define the delivery area for an outlet OR check how many potential customers are living in the bounded area of a new site.

Car Routing

MapmyIndia Routing API for Passenger Vehicles (Cars, 4-wheelers, LMV)

  • Provides optimal and alternate routes between two or more locations
  • Provides accurate turn-by-turn guidance throughout the route
  • Includes traffic delays to derive ETAs in route calculations
  • Computes the route and predicts travel time information as per departure/arrival time
  • Includes real time alerts about speed cameras, hazards, road closures and other hyperlocal events
  • Includes directions from countries across the globe
  • Exclusions are available for toll, motorway and ferries

Truck Routing

Mapmyindia Routing API for trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles

  • Takes vehicle attributes into consideration (like height, weight, width, length, axle load) while calculating the route
  • Avoids narrow roads in route calculation to avoid heavy vehicles from getting stuck
  • Supports legal restrictions for trucks like speed limits, highway restrictions, hazmat restrictions, etc.
  • Includes traffic delays to derive ETAs in route calculations
  • Exclusions are available for toll, motorway and ferries

Bike Routing

MapmyIndia Routing API for Two Wheelers (Bikes, Scooters)

  • Includes expressway/ controlled highway restrictions for bikers in route calculations e.g. Two-wheelers are not allowed on Eastern Peripheral Expressway (Delhi)
  • Avoids traffic congestions by using minor roads in route calculation
  • Two-wheeler specific traffic flow/ speed profiles are used for ETA calculations
  • Includes traffic delays to derive ETAs in route calculations
  • Includes real-time road closures in route calculation

Pedestrian Routing

MapmyIndia Routing API for Pedestrians (Walking)

  • Use derived walking speed profiles for ETA calculations
  • Expressways are excluded in pedestrian routing for safety aspect
  • Includes walkways, foot over bridges, pedestrian subways, etc. in route calculation
  • Ignores driving restrictions like one way, turn restrictions, etc. in route planning
  • Higher road classes are carefully penalised to prefer walkways and residential lanes in route planning
  • Avoids private roads for through routing

Public Transit Route Planning

To plan a route that involves multiple modes of transportation, powered by
MapmyIndia’s detailed and comprehensive transit routing dataset

  • Travel Modes Choose between different modes of transportation (Metro, Bus, Train, Transit, Walk and their combinations)
  • Filter Itineraries/ Routes You can filter out the best alternate routes or see all possible routes. You can also limit the route to a certain number.
  • Scheduler Plan your departure or arrival on a future or past date/ time
  • Route Preference And Restrictions YYou can set preferences for any route and can also ban routes

Snap To Road

Snap given GPS points snapped to the real-world geographic road network

  • Snap-To-Road API snaps a set of given GPS points to the road network in the most plausible way
  • GPS points are collected along the route and return a similar set of corrected and aligned data with the points matched to the road network
  • Valuable when tracking assets and for data analytics of paths traversed by vehicles, people or fleet

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