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NaviMaps API Use Cases

  • Voice Recognition Facilitate voice recognition experience with MapmyIndia's API to provide Search, Navigation and UI map controls
  • Multiple HMI Project to various displays and clusters with a single, powerful engine
  • Push Routes & Duties Remotely Emergency dispatch systems use Navimaps API to empower timely services and save lives right from command control room
  • Last Mile Journey Give a seamless experience to your consumers before, after and during the drive by syncing personalised, saved information
  • Communication To Navigation Engine From Car Made Easy Switch between map theme or access service centre on sensor/malfunction info from vehicle
  • Plan Routes Better Integrate with your delivery phone app and send multiple locations for optimised routes using hybrid navigation

Map APIs

Navigate through the most realistic 3D rendered world surrounding you.


These layer styles are listed below:

  • showMap() Show main application screen
  • getGpsPosition() Get current GPS position
  • showOnMap() Show address on map
  • setDisplayMode() Set map display mode
  • enableSpeedAlerts() Enable/disable speed alerts
  • closeWindow() Close navigation window
  • enableTraffic() Enable/disable Live Traffic
  • mapZoom() Increase or decrease zoom on map display

Search APIs

Allow users to search any place in the application using a single interface for online and offline search.

These layer styles are listed below:

  • search() Free-form search
  • findClosestPoi() Find POIs closest to the origin
  • clearSearchResults() Clear search results from map
  • navigateTo() Navigate to destination
  • exactSearch() Exact search with given parameters
  • getPlaces() Get saved places

Navigation APIs

Increase situational awareness by having the foresight of the junction view and fast routing engine,
providing you with the quickest possible route to your desired destination.


These layer styles are listed below:

  • getNextDestination() Get next destination on active route ahead of current position
  • getDtg() Get distance to go to the next destination in meters
  • startNavigation() Start navigating planned route
  • getFinalDestination() Get the last destination on active route
  • startRoute() Start planning new route
  • getTtg() Get time to go to the next destination in seconds
  • repeatGuidance() Repeat current voice guidance instruction
  • getWholeTtg() Get time to go to the final destination in seconds
  • replaceDestination() Replace last destination
  • clearRoute() Clear active route
  • getActiveRoute Get active route
  • getWholeDtg() Get distance to go to the final destination in meters
  • getAdviceList() Get the list of advices on the active route

Settings APIs

Allow users to apply the preferred settings for maps and navigation.

These layer styles are listed below:

  • setLanguage() Set application language
  • enablePoiAlongRoute() Enable/disable POI along the route
  • setMute() Mute/unmute navigation sounds
  • getRouteSettings() Get current route settings
  • setRouteSettings() Set default route setings
  • getInstalledLanguages() Get the list of installed languages
  • setTimeAMPM() Set time format
  • getInstalledVoices() Get the list of installed guidance voices
  • setUnits() Set measurements units
  • setVoice() Set the voice for voice guidance

Other APIs

NaviMaps offers the ability to integrate with the system’s VR and TTS engine(s).


These layer styles are listed below:

  • registerActivationCode() Register activation code for paid content
  • restorePurchases() Restore in-app purchases
  • requestNotifications() Request notifications from the application
  • removeNotifications() Unsubcribe from notifications
  • getVersion() Get navigation version
  • resetToDefaults() Reset all settings to defaults
  • statusMessage() Get human readable status message for returned status code() . Get human readable status message for returned status code

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