Transforming Reality To Its Digital Map Twin

A Legacy Built On Map Technology

We at MapmyIndia put the power of location at our customers' fingertips..

Led by relentless innovation and the ambition to drive progress, MapmyIndia has been disrupting Maps since 1992. We’ve built a legacy in mapping technology.

Access our professionally designed maps for setting a new course for location technology. Give sense & context to big data by linking it to an extensive map database.

Enabling a new level of precision with detailed road network information, accurate addresses and extensive POI coverage, MapmyIndia is the ideal partner to empower your solutions.

Our high quality maps help: FROM a new couple finding their perfect home in a real estate app TO assets reaching doorsteps via fleet/logistics app, MapmyIndia ensures that your customers are never lost in this ever-evolving world of location technologies.

Optimized Rendering

Interact With Your Map Like Never Before

Optimized Rendering - Customized Interactions

Nothing gives more context than beautifully designed maps. We are radically transforming the way the world interacts, lives and moves. With MapmyIndia you'll see the world the way you want with our interactive mapping experience.

Today, we're creating a living multi-dimensional map. Our Vector & Raster tile based SDKs, that scale upwards, breathe with immersive POI information and insights, while being fully interactive.

Our location Services are specifically designed to experience variety of map overlays and rendering technologies like custom markers, poly-lines, colors, polygons, and info windows.

Now you have the power to create and share your own map implementation and use zoom, pinch, rotate, and tilt to explore maps in more detail. You can highlight your store locations with custom markers and related elements.

We strive towards providing the right map to the right user, according to how they see the world.

The Right Technology Makes All The Differences

We Are The Road’s DNA

Freshest And Highest Quality Maps

As the world changes around us every second of every day, the need for a living map has never been greater.

MapmyIndia Map Data has been at the forefront of mapping innovations for decades, from creating one of the first digital maps to till today, we are developing Road DNA.

We believe freshness is an integral part of accurate mapping, which is why we push weekly updates through.

Our simply powerful map data is compiled through cutting-edge technology to empower your businesses to create ground-breaking, location-aware technologies.

We are creating a digital twin representation of reality.

What All You Can Curate & Create

Ride App

Search Itinerary

Store Spotter


Interactive Map API

Get reliable, precise & updated maps with real time traffic flow

3D Vector Map SDK

Android & iOS SDK


Still Map Image API

Get map images for a given lat long point and zoom level


Traveled Route Image API

Get Map images for a given lat long with zoom level

Powering The World's Leading Firms
MapmyIndia Route API receives 2.5 million requests per week and supports the scale of leading companies such as Paytm, PhonePe, Ola, TVS