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[Native integration] MapmyIndia Location APIs and real-time data to help Amazon Alexa answer user queries for nearby places.


SDKs for Maps and Traffic

Transforming reality into its Digital Twin which is robust, informative and up to date, offering a seamless map experience

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Maps and Traffic Stack
3D Vector Map

3D Vector Maps Mobile SDK

Render interactive 3D Fluidic Maps in mobile apps with map controls
View Documentation | GitHub 

Raster Map SDK

Raster Maps Mobile SDK

Render map as an image on your mobile application.
View Documentation | GitHub 


Interactive Maps JS Web SDK

Get reliable, precise & updated map tiles with real time traffic flow for web application.
View Documentation | GitHub 


3D Vector Maps Web SDK

Render interactive 3D Fluidic Maps in web apps with map controls


Still Map Image API

Get map images for a given lat long point and zoom level
View Documentation | GitHub 


Traveled Route Image API

Get an image of a map with a travelled route plotted on it.
View Documentation | GitHub 

A legacy built on map technology

SDKs built on comprehensive Map Data

MapmyIndia Map Data has been at the forefront of mapping innovations for decades, from creating one of the first digital maps to a Digital Twin representation of the real world.

Leverage the power of location with the most powerful and granular maps, detailed road network, accurate addresses, extensive POI coverage and live traffic for India. Advanced Map SDKs built on comprehensive Map Data can be used to easily integrate with any Mobile or Web based application: From locating a house in a real estate app; to tracking assets reaching doorsteps via fleet/logistics app.

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