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[Native integration] MapmyIndia Location APIs and real-time data to help Amazon Alexa answer user queries for nearby places.


Geo Analytics Services

Empower your web and mobile applications with the most granular location-based demographics and socio-economic profiling for various geographies

Optimized Rendering


Geo-Analytics APIs are location-based APIs, which are capable of combining with various analytical tools to provide location intelligence and thus offer seamless business analytics at your fingertips for smart decision-making.

MapmyIndia Geo-Analytics allows you to make well-informed predictions about future opportunities of your business:

-where to invest in the future?
-where are the risk prone areas?
-where are the growth opportunities geographically?

across multiple sectors like Banking, Real Estate, FMCG etc.

GIS Services

GeoAnalytics – Key Value Addition to Any Industry:

Our Geo-Analytics API can integrate with client data as additional layers and can empower your business analytical skills by displaying spatial pattern to analyse markets and develop predictive models that help you decide where to aim your business, how to stay ahead of your competitors and have a competitive advantage.

In case you are about to enter in an established market (a red ocean) , through MapmyIndia Geo-Analytics you can analyse expected competitive pressure on you brand and even target areas where your existing competitors are weaker.

Any company, large or small, MapmyIndia’s Geo-Analytics APIs can provide visibility of

- where their business is coming from,
- which business territories are over or under performing,
- where potential high-growth areas are, and
- other useful data points such as demographics-based queries.

Infrastructure and environment all influence business outcomes: MapmyIndia Geo-Analytics APIs provides valuable insight along with other location data through MapmyIndia's comprehensive stack of APIs.


Incorporating maps into your analysis, reports and applications

  • Enables data selection, visualization, queries & styling with rich base map available at various level of granularity
  • Build maps quickly and easily without coordinates, using country, pin codes or simply place names
  • Drill and analyze different type of map layers such as districts, pincode, villages, city etc at Pan India level or restricted to limited bound /Area of interest
  • Allows user to set their own styling parameters such as label color scheme, geometry color schemes, opacity, width, stroke etc.
  • Allows to create rich thematic visuals using combination of value ranges
  • OGC compliant and MapmyIndia JS SDK compatible.
What All You Can Curate & Create

Ride App

Search Itinerary

Store Spotter


State as a Layer

Get State boundaries overlays as a layer


District as a Layer

Get District boundaries overlays as a layer


City as a Layer

Get City boundaries overlays as a layer


Ward as a Layer

Get Ward boundaries overlays as a layer


Block as a Layer

Get Block boundaries overlays as a layer


And many more with customized styling options ...