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MapmyIndia Geo-Analytics APIs !

Easy To Integrate Maps & Geo-Analytics APIs For Web Applications

MapmyIndia Geo-Analytics APIs !

Easy To integrate maps & geo-analytics APIs for web applications, powered with India's most comprehensive and robust mapping functionalities.

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Move Up India

Presenting MapmyIndia GeoAnalytics APIs, using India's most powerful and granular map data down to the building level. We are more economical and precise than any other maps available in the market.

Geo-Analytics API

MapmyIndia’s best-in-class, comprehensive & accurate data served through convenient and easy to use web APIs with multiple data attributes such as demographic data attributes. Aligned with MapmyIndia Map data, these APIs utilize our vast geo-informatics experience to provide customers a enhanced leverage over competition using query-enabled Geo-Analytics APIs to perform geo-visualizations for your business analysis problems. Empower your web applications with the most granular location-based demographics and socio-economic profiling for various geographies.


Geo-Analytics API is an API set that gives the users the power for selection, visualization, queries, styling and analytics on the data which is archived in MapmyIndia’s pan-India database and overlay it on MapmyIndia Interactive Maps JS API for web. The API set also has the capability to integrate with client data as overlays.

The APIs are OGC compliant and currently the following frameworks or libraries are supported by Geo-Analytics APIs for displaying map data on any web app.

MapmyIndia Interactive Map JS powered libraries

Click here to see the documentation.


Through the use of various methods offered by said libraries, clients can lay-out the complex and rich Map data set offered by MapmyIndia in the simplest way to geo-visualize their data and perform business analytics using location variable.

The various APIs offered through GeoAnalytics platform of MapmyIndia (but not limited to) are:

  1. State as a layer.
  2. City as a layer.
  3. District as a layer
  4. Subdistrict as a layer. ...

All of these layers come with the additional styling and control options such as:

  • label attributes (toggle ON/Off, colors, size)
  • fill layer with color
  • size of any point data.
  • border attributes (color, width)
  • opacity control. ...

Rich Attributes - Seamless linkage to Geographical Layers

In addition to these layers and above defined basic functions, comes the power to query the said layers on the basis of multiple attributes like demographics, awareness etc. (PREMIUM FEATURE). e.g. One can show only those states pan India whose "population" is greater than the client defined value.

Available Attributes
  1. Demographics attributes like
    • Population related attributes like total male population in an administrative geometrical layer (e.g. in a district)
    • Literacy attributes in a layer (e.g. female literates in a town)
    • and many more ...
  2. Amenities / Socio-Economic attributes like
    • Mobile Phone coverage availability in a layer. (e.g. in a ward)
    • Power supply for commercial use availability in a layer. (e.g. in a village)
    • and many more ...
  3. Awareness / Penetration attributes like
    • ATM availability in a layer (e.g. in a village)
    • Household having four wheeler in a layer (e.g. in a block)
    • and many more ...

Why GeoAnalytics APIs?

  • Reduced dependence on raw vector data, which directly reduces the vast amount of time spent in processing data updates.
  • To make the visualization and analytics lightning fast by providing a standardized DaaS (data-as-a-service) approach to fetching rich geographical data-sets - no need to fetch data directly from custom databases - geoAnalytics APIs are following industry standard (OGC) of serving data to end user for geospatial information and analytics.

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