Live Traffic

Experience MapmyIndia Live Traffic:

Live Traffic Feeds is a great feature for Public and Enterprise customers. Using both live and historic traffic data, MapmyIndia’s Map API enables to know the estimated time the journey might take.

Historic Traffic

The team at MapmyIndia has developed intelligent models to derive dynamic average speed / traffic flow information for various times of the day, days of the week, events and incidents on road stretches, which is further geo referenced to MapmyIndia’s core database. This information provides the foundation for accurate and reliable travel time information.

Location Refrencing

MapmyIndia has provision to support both Dynamic as well as Static location referencing. TISA certified TMC location tables and other open source information for encoding, transmitting and decoding location references in digital maps is used to generate the Traffic data.

APIs to support industry applications

Creating engaging web and mobile applications with MapmyIndia’s powerful API’s helps to create best routes with current traffic conditions in real time.

Setting up a Traffic control Room

Mapmyindia can set up special purpose control room spaces for monitoring and report on traffic conditions. It can also provide services like driving directions and alternate routes.

Traffic Analytics

The Speed and Traffic pattern derived from archived Traffic data and/or GPS probes datasets are geo referenced to MapmyIndia’s Core database and helps the enterprises and governments to make informed decisions for planning traffic situations.


  • Provides 24 by 7 real time updated Traffic data
  • Identifies Traffic Bottlenecks
  • Provides alternate routes suggestions
  • Predicts the traffic situation to Help analyse the road trips in advance
  • Estimated travel time information
  • The time of day/month for Allocation of transport resources
  • Other services like map navigation helps the driver to find nearest POI, check alternate routes and know the distance to destination


Currently available in over 30 cities across the country including All Metro cities and selective Tier 1 Cities

Industry Verticals

The service is useful for all companies having fleet of vehicles, Journey risk assessment services like banks, Last mile delivery – Courier companies and Transport and Logistics companies – goods and food items.