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MMI Rover 201

Stay connected to your vehicle with this premium battery-operated tracker!

MMI rover 201 is the most premium vehicle tracker in India that uses house-number level, professionally curated, feature-rich map data for India. Apart from accurate tracking, and a variety of peripheral accessory options, Rover 201 is also totally battery operated. This means that you can stay connected to your vehicle even when the engine is switched off! Keep your vehicle and family safe at all times with Rover 201.

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Rover 201 is a premium, battery-operated, highly accurate vehicle GPS tracking device!
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone or a Web browser
  • See your vehicle on India’s best highly-detailed, house-number level maps*
  • The device comes with:
    • Internal Antennae
    • Internal Antennae
    • Internal Battery Backup
    • Motion Sensors for accurate tracking
    • Immobilization to safeguard your vehicle from theft
    • Detailed & immediate SMS/ Email Alerts
    • Location fetch through SMS
*Available for 85 Cities in India

Rover 201 is a tracking device that comes with MapmyIndia’s robust web-based Fleet Platform!

Highly Accurate Tracking
  • GPS-based live tracking of your vehicle with highly accurate Distance Calculation to get accurate mileage readings
  • Mark 'Areas' and color coded 'Places' on the map with your customized address name for better understanding of vehicle location. E.g. Vehicle standing at "Rishabh's School"
  • Onboard Battery to track during power disconnection

Comprehensive List of Alerts & Alarms!
  • Exhaustive list of Alerts to help you keep informed about the whereabouts of your car
    • Over Speeding, Vehicle Entering/ Leaving an Area, GPS/ GPRS Disconnection, Vehicle Entering/ Deviating from a Route, Engine On/ Off, Vehicle Idling, Auto Current Location Update Get SMS/ Email for Alerts:
  • Multiple Email Id's/ SMS Numbers support
  • Get location of Vehicle instantaneously by sending an SMS (Example: "FIND Vehicle Number"to 56161)
Live Tracking Straight from your Smartphone
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone's browser on the go or mobile app for Android or iOS
Detailed Reports
  • Get highly accurate, map linked reports for your vehicle daily/ weekly/ monthly over email automatically
  • Trips & Drives I Trip & Stops I Drives by Day I Stops by Day I Get stops at my places
  • Vehicle alarms I Over speeding I Get stops at my areas I Movement Report

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