MapmyIndia Rover

MMI Rover 101

The most comprehensive tracking product for your car!

MMI Rover 101 uses India’s best house-number-level premium maps that helps in accurate tracking of your vehicle. It has more input and output options to ensure easy compatibility with a variety of peripherals!

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Know where your vehicle is

Rover 101 is a premium, highly accurate vehicle GPS tracking device with multiple options to connect peripherals!
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone or a Web browser
  • See your vehicle on India’s best highly-detailed, house-number level maps*
  • The device comes with:
    • Internal Antennae
    • Motion Sensor for accurate tracking
    • Immobilization to safeguard your vehicle from theft
    • LDetailed & immediate SMS/ Email Alerts
    • Location fetch through SMS
*Available for 94 Cities in India

Rover 101 is a tracking device that comes with MapmyIndia’s robust web-based Fleet Platform!
  • Accurate GPS based live tracking of your vehicle
  • Highly accurate Distance Calculation to get accurate mileage readings
  • Mark 'Areas' and color coded 'Places' on the map with your customized address name for better understanding of vehicle location. E.g. Vehicle standing at "Rishabh's School"
  • Onboard Battery to track during power disconnection
  • Immobilizer helps you to cut your engine during vehicle theft and save your car

  • Exhaustive list of Alerts to help you keep informed about the whereabouts of your car
  • Over Speeding, Vehicle Entering/ Leaving an Area, GPS/ GPRS Disconnection, Vehicle Entering/ Deviating from a Route, Engine On/ Off, Vehicle Idling, Auto Current Location Update Get SMS/ Email for Alerts:
    • Engine On at Anubhaya near *Nan Trauma Centre, Safdarjung Enclave at 22:00, 12/12/13
    • Multiple Email Id's/ SMS Numbers support
    • Get location of Vehicle instantaneously by sending an SMS (Example: "FIND Vehicle Number"to 56161)
  • Track your vehicle using your Smartphone's browser on the go
  • Get highly accurate, map linked reports for your vehicle daily/ weekly/ monthly over email automatically
  • Helps you keep a check on vehicle running & keep a track of over speeding instances
  • Trips & Drives I Trip & Stops I Drives by Day I Stops by Day I Get stops at my places
  • Vehicle alarms I Over speeding I Get stops at my areas I Movement Report  

  • GPS Hardware with installation harness
  • Scotch Locks
  • Fuse
  • SIM Card
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Start Guide (QSG)
  • SIM Agreement
  • Self Addressed Envelope
  • Immobilizer

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