Geo Marketing
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Given the years we have invested in building map and data content and effective services for business users to leverage upon, we have developed and delivered various tailor made solutions for organization of different sizes to assist them in their decision making.

These solutions are customized GIS applications, which are designed based on business frameworks unique to an organization without the complexity of using specialized soft wares. These solutions help in:

  1. Geographical Display
  2. Gap Analysis
  3. Potential Analysis
  4. Sales Analysis

What are the benefits?
These solutions provide a new way to look at your business universe as it provides different perspective of analyzing data. With help of this you can:

GIS provides benefits to any organization across segment and in all almost very sector. Following are the striking benefits of a GIS:

Who can utilize these solutions?
Many organizations today are utilizing these solutions to help solve their business problems, segment customer database, make sales & marketing effective, optimizing distribution and support various other business functions.
Industries such as: