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We, at MapmyIndia over the years have worked towards addressing various business needs and requirements across verticals and business functions. We believe 80% of the data available at any given point time with any organization has a location element, which can make the data very powerful when mapped with reference to its location.

Over the last 20 years, MapmyIndia has thrived to create the richest, accurate and largest repository of Map and Data that can be used, understood and utilized by businesses around the globe. MapmyIndia has unique build process for its map and map related datasets. In addition, MapmyIndia maps have extensive map coverage both in urban and rural India These datasets have been created with bottom to top approach given our field strength of over 400 personnel, which help in capturing and maintaining these datasets year around.

These datasets are today being utilized by some of the leading organizations around the globe across industries for their respective businesses

List of Products
1. Digital Map and Data: MapmyIndia provides digital map and data for All India at all administrative region level in the leading data formats for leading gis engines. All the below mentioned datasets are geo-referenced and area available with individual field captured coordinates.

1. Administrative Boundaries with Census Attributes 2. Road and Rail Network
3. Asset and Amenities Data
4. Postal Code Boundaries
5. Postal Code Database
6. Locality and Sub-Locality Database
7. STD Code Boundaries
8. All India Point of Interest Data in 170 Categories of Businesses (Hyperlink to list of categories)
9. Building Level Data as footprints and House Numbers for 50 Cities( GIS DATA COVERAGE link)

10. Household Distribution in Income Groups Data (Currently Available for 88 Cities) Link to List of Cities Note: All the above datasets are available in above mentioned formats. For more information, please email your query on contact @mapmyindia.com