Map Data Solutions

MapmyIndia offers the most comprehensive, exhaustive, wide range of ready-to-use map data solutions built on top of our industry-leading proprietary digital map data set of India.

Navigation Solutions

MapmyIndia's best-in-class GPS navigation solutions, trusted by millions of consumers and all leading automotive companies in India, are the ideal companion for your software, hardware, app or connected car needs.

Tracking & Telematics Solutions

Whether its monitoring and managing of fleet of vehicles, your field workforce, or valuable assets, MapmyIndia's advanced GPS Tracking & Telematics solutions help you maximise productivity and efficiency.

Route Optimization & Planning Solutions

Increase operational efficiency, deliver faster and to more locations, including down to building and house-address level through MapmyIndia's Route Optimization & Planning solutions.

Computer Aided Dispatch Solutions

Boost response time while dispatching vehicles in an emergency, or while delivering goods and services to physical locations through MapmyIndia's Computer Aided Dispatch solutions.

Survey & GIS Data Services Solutions

MapmyIndia offers 20+ years of experience and unparalleled expertise in surveying India and in creating and converting customized GIS data sets for clients through our range of Survey & GIS Data Services.