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3-Step methodology to get rid of cumbersome planning of how to manage deliveries, when and which vehicle to send, how and where to send. Simply upload the template with data, select vehicles and optimize. Bingo!

In the current scenario, where fuel prices are perpetually increasing, organizations incline to spend more on their logistics costs and achieve very low levels of efficiency. The astronomical logistic investment of any company is on its vehicles and drivers. In case of distribution and pickup of orders, accumulation of orders leads to the intricate process of route planning where the objective is to accomplish distribution with minimal costs. It may be the same city, same areas, same roads, but every day is different, with a different set of challenges and constraints.

Route Planning Solution

MapmyIndia RouteNet

An end to end, fully-integrated, customized and dynamic route planning solution that aids in efficient deliveries and pickups, which will in turn help to

  • Save more than 50% of planning time
  • Save up to 30% on the logistics costs and
  • Streamline the entire process without any compromise on quality and customer service.

In a nutshell, one stop solution for optimized and faster planning for

  • Last mile delivery
  • Sales/ Delivery/ Beat route
  • Improved asset utilization
  • Increased customer service level satisfaction
  • Increased productivity and minimize business costs without compromising service quality

Be one step ahead from market leaders

Common Challenges in delivery:

  • How to optimize daily routes (Static/ dynamic) and decrease logistics cost?
  • How to enhance effective vehicle scheduling i.e. reduce duration of driving and number of vehicles for deliveries?
  • How to increase operational efficiency and improve customer service?
  • How to minimize the time spent in the complicated process of human dispatching?
  • What should be the optimized route to reach to customers for deliveries?
  • How to accommodate last minute changes in schedule and foresee future bottlenecks?
  • Which truck delivers which orders?
  • How orders are sequenced in the route?
  • Will the truck be able to accommodate all the orders (size/ volume)?
  • What is the minimal number of trucks that are needed to realize delivery of all orders?
  • What is best way to go from one location to another (not always the shortest)?
  • What is the set of routes that would produce minimal transport cost (e.g. Number of vehicles, travelled distance, fuel spent, etc.)?
  • How to revise routes, lock vehicles, adjust departure times and number of working hours for vehicles?

Organization’s Expectations:

  • Plan Routes considering all possible constraints (depending on Customer’s Business needs)
  • Invest lesser time in Route Planning (take few minutes, eliminate human effort which takes hours)
  • Reduction in Kilometres driven and  fuel spending
  • Reduce number of vehicles used (proper resource utilization)
  • Figure out the most efficient way of loading (size/ weight/ placement)
  • Increase Operational efficiency and Customer satisfaction
  • Give precise directions to driver till the last meter (house address)
  • Prioritization of vehicles and customers
  • Accommodate last minute changes
  • Identify bottlenecks (next time plan things better)
  • Predict solutions to the possible problems (due to uncontrollable factors)
  • Reduce overall spending

RouteNet Benefits

How RouteNet Benefits You:

  • Reduction in cost and delivery time (up to 15% in rural and 30% in urban areas)
  • Fast and simple reaction to new requirements
  • Improved utilization of vehicles
  • Improved customer service
  • Improved planning process
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Fast return of investment
  • Reduced administration costs
  • Support in territory planning
  • Support in strategic decisions making