Where is...

C-78, Greater Kailash 1?

parking nearby?

my car?

my friend?

my wife?

a coffee shop in Lajpat Nagar?

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You now have an alternative! The Map for a smarter citizen, that is made in India and made for India.

MapmyIndia Map for Location Search, Navigation, Tracking & Analytics.

  • Maps
    Professionally created maps with ISRO’s Bhuvan Satellite Imagery
  • Navigation
    Travel the quickest routes from India’s navigation experts
  • Tracking
    Live location sharing with other users & MapmyIndia IoT devices
  • Analytics
    Get visual insights on the map like issues reported by users

Find places faster with accurate last-mile search & eLoc

Now easily find and navigate to your friend’s house address with a smarter last-mile search. Also try using new & REVOLUTIONARY eLoc - MapmyIndia's Nationwide Digital Address System which gives you a 6 character digital address for any place, including house-numbers. Simply type the eLoc into the search bar for quickest address search.



Navigate with ease with voice-guided directions

Use our all-new navigation, with step by step voice guided directions to get to the address along with traffic information, ETA's and live traffic issues along your route. With the most accurate last-mile data, forget about asking for directions once you're in the neighborhood - we know how to get you to an actual house-address in time.


Secure live location sharing

Wouldn't it be nice if you could share a live location on your way back from work? Let your loved ones know where you are, and that you are safe! Your location will continuously update for the set duration, and the link will expire thereafter. You can also edit and delete sharing permissions at any time.


Find my phone or device

If you're logged in from multiple devices, we keep a track of where your devices are. For example, if you have lost your phone, we will be able to track your phone's location to help you find it.
*Location service need to be ON


Stay up-to-date with any locality through World View

Are you planning a vacation? Do you want to know the best places to visit, or the insiders tips on which localities to stay in? Check out World View, to know the latest about any locality. This is a live feed of ratings, reviews, check-ins and reports by friends, to give you a quick overview of localities, destinations for travel, interesting places to check out, etc.


Find nearby parking, toilets, petrol pumps, metro stations, and more

With the most detailed map data for India, our map app is made for all billion Indians. Find nearby metro stations, public toilets, parking spots, petrol pumps, etc. with reviews and ratings to help you choose.


Help your surroundings & civic authorities by reporting issues

Take charge of your area and make a difference by reporting issues like map, traffic and civic issues. For example, if you see litter on the street, be a Smart Citizen and report it using the Map App to help our government's Swachh Bharat mission!


My personal timeline

View a detailed timeline of where all you have been. If you're logged on in multiple devices at once, view separate dedicated timelines of each of your devices! So if you're going for a run, or taking an interesting trail for a bike ride, you can view and share your route through MapmyIndia's Map App.


Get discovered through MapmyIndia's Map App

Add your outlets, products, catalogues, menus, discounts etc. and showcase your business on MapmyIndia's Map App to get discovered by all billion Indians.


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