Optimise and Analyse

With Best-In-Class Maps
from MapmyIndia

Meant for use in both consumer and business applications,
MapmyIndia Maps are the most comprehensive,
accurate and ready to use digital maps of India.

Our map data quality is integrated and proven for use in a wide variety of location based applications such as navigation, transport management systems, telematics, geo-business analytics, route optimisation, urban planning, utility mapping, mobile applications and similar industry verticals.


Point addressing with display and entrance co-ordinates for over 10 Million locations across rural and urban areas

Address data Points of Interest Administrative Data

Route & Guide

Highly reliable, accurate and attribute-rich road and rail network data to suit the needs of routing applications

Transportation Guidance & Graphics Phonemes


Realistic 3D landmarks, Shoe-box city model, Realistic 3D city models, DEM

3D Land Cover/ Land use Regional Languages


TISA Certified Location Tables, Historical Traffic Patterns, Live Traffic Feeds

Historical traffic Live traffic


Combination of MapmyIndia proprietary and Census data attributes enabling various location-based analytical applications

Demographics & Socio-economic

How we make maps?

MapmyIndia’s map making process combines the most sophisticated, cutting-edge technologies along with the traditional proven methods, tailored to the needs of Indian geography.

Our skilled and experienced map professionals use data collected from Mobile Mapping Cars, bike & foot surveys, GPS probe data, satellite imageries, various Internet and paper publications to create the Best-in-Class map content.

But Maps are dynamic, locations and routes change almost every other day, so we regularly update our maps using variety of sources to ensure completeness and correctness of the dataset at various points of time. Our field teams are watching and reporting the changes round-the-clock  that lead to millions of validations and changes in our maps every day.

Our trained GIS professionals analyse and process every change reported and aligns it to the existing maps, thereby releasing the best map product for India everytime.