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GIS Utility Mapping

Utilities intrinsically are spread-out over a large geographically area and it becomes challenging to plan, develop and maintain its associated assets along with network. Utilities industries relies strongly on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) for simplifying their challenges by positioning the assets and a network accurately.

Tailor made GIS utility tools for specific needs are very essential for any utility to improve management service, decrease operational cost, manage maintenance, enhance decision making and better the return on investment.

With state of the art technology, MapmyIndia provides location based data for utility assets, network, consumers, landbase and with high precession for different utilities like electrical, telecom, gas, water etc. The data provides asset details, Intelligent network models and consumer base.

Sample Use Cases

  • If you need to know analyze your assets with attributes such as location, utilization and present condition.
  • To assess the utility distribution network to facilitate gap-area analysis and distribution-supply chain analysis
  • To estimate costs associated with laying new infrastructure & future planning
  • To locate new, genuine and relevant consumers
  • To accurately estimate current billings
distribution network

Advantages with MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia provides comprehensive utility services catering specific requirements of various clients by USP of :

  • Large number of Domain Experts ranging from Field to In-house Production, Quality control division to Application Integration unit or Migration Specialist.
  • Advance Infrastructure and Instruments
  • In-depth Domain expertise and extensive experience
  • Proven customized tools and application
  • Well established and test Quality procedures

MapmyIndia’s Utility Mapping Solution Ensures

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Timely Delivery

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Utility Mapping Solution