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Why the need for a Digital Address System?

India has an address system that identifies houses, building, places, government offices, businesses etc. but very few parts of our country have a formal address. And to add to this the varied dialects, languages, culture and other differences across India, the situation becomes mind-boggling – each individual reads and interprets an address differently. What is required is a Simple, Standardized and Precise pan-India digital address system.

Imagine the world in 2030

  • 1

    Urban Sprawl

    Consumer grievance redressal and citizen centric services are a challenge in Local bodies. Water , Electricity, Citizen safety , Urban commuting and dwelling are key areas of concern.

  • 2

    Response Time

    Amost 58% cases of fire in Delhi the fire department takes more than 5min to response. Location precision and faster communication is key for rescue and operations.

  • 3

    Business Potential

    Cab services unable to serve consumer effectively often resulting in increased TAT & losing business.

  • 4

    High Delivery Cost

    E-Commerce copmanies attribute 28% of total delivery cost to the last mile and still seek a more efficient methodology to bring in efficiency.

  • 5


    Globalization and mobile workforce has resulted in more people moving from place to place , with the challenge of memorizing more addresses and many multi-lingual languages

  • 6

    Location Based Decisions

    Almost 80% of business data has spatial component and spatial planning and location analytics are prime for business decisions

Think of an eLoc as the pincode to your doorstep, or a precise digital address of any place, building, business, apartment, government office, road, administrative area and so on. This 6 character digital address uniquely identifies any place and is linked to various attributes like floor number, door number, etc.

eLoc – The Aadhaar of Addresses

We truly support the Government of India with its digital India initiative. The Digital India Stack consists of a paperless layer (Digi Locker API), Cashless Layer (UPI API), Consent Layer (eSign & eKYC) and an authentication layer (Aadhaar Authentication API).

However, for the Digital India stack to truly be complete, it requires a location layer – in other words eLoc. Currently, there is a gap of location information, in other words, the question of ‘where?’ is still being left unknown. To truly have the most complete information, the Digital India stack should have eLoc – as a product, platform and service, driven by MapmyIndia’s best-in-class Map Data – being professionally created and validated for over two decades. It is supplemented by services such as primary data collection and verification in the field, affixation of house-numbers, and we can also provide data, attributes, high-resolution images and RealView as a service.

80% of all data has a location component. Why shouldn’t your business?

Smart Digital Address System
  • 6 Character Digital Address

    Door step delivery

    Food, e-commerce and courier companies will save precious time delivering to easy, verified, valid & standardized addresses

  • eLoc for Government

    Goverment Tax compliances

    Combine powerful location information with contextual information for a successful property and other business compliaces

  • eLoc for Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Penetrate areas without standardized house addresses to provide water, gas & electricity effectively or monitor your assets, workforce, and fleets

  • eLoc for Taxi Pick Up

    Taxi Pick-up Drop-off

    eLocs take you to doors or to exact, precise locations even in areas with poor signage and unconventional address systems

  • eLoc for Disaster Management

    Disaster Management

    Save precious time instead of explaining complicated addresses during dispatch. Six character is much easier to communicate

  • eLoc for Navigation


    Merging different address systems can take time but navigate using standardized 6 character addresses for last-mile navigation

  • Formal & Informal Address

    Formal and Informal address

    eLoc overcomes the problem of informal addresses across urban and rural india



India’s First Nation Wide Door Step Smart Digital Address System. This 6 character digital address uniquely identifies any place and is linked to various attributes like floor number, door number, etc.


Easy Recall & Speedier Communication


Post Verified Door Step Location


Over 20 million In Public Domain & Continuously Generated.

eLoc is a product and Platform through which solutions and Services can be provided for Simple, Unique, Precise and Open standard Digital Address.


Impersonal , Encrypted & Cloud Secured


Open For Integration With Other Systems


Communicate over SMS, Social Networking, Web links etc.

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