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Digital Land Records

The Digital India Land Records Moderniation Programme (DILRMP) was launched by The Government of India in August 2008, aimed at modernizing management of land records, minimizing schope of land/property disputes, enhancing transparnecy in the land record maintenance system and facilitating movement eventually towards guaranteed conclusive titles to immovable properties in the country.

MapmyIndia’s Digital Land Records Solution comprises of 2 parts

  • Digitization of Cadastral Maps: Computerization of all land records including mutations, digitzation of maps and integration of textual and spatial data
  • Survey or Re-Survey: Updation of all survey and settlement records including creation of original cadastral records wherever necessary, computerization of registration and its integration with the land records maintenance system, development of core Geospatial Information System (GIS)

Digitization of Cadastral Maps

The digitization of cadastrel maps will help to create online databases of revenue maps in a digitized form that can be linked to other databases, such as land records, for holistic understanding, planning and analysis.

The process followed is:

  • Scanning of village maps
  • Indexing and Vectorization
  • Linking of Databases
  • Making the output GIS-ready
  • Training of Staff
  • Scanning & Digitization

While conducting digitzation we ensure:

  • Accuracy: The vector data and print data are exactly matched (1:1), matched with the original map
  • Database standards: the output will be in standards RDBMS format
  • Quality, Inspection & Completeness: Printout of digitzed maps are handed over on a regular basis to the district authorities for 100% checking with the original cadastral map. Any deviations are marked and corrected
  • RoR verification: Land Revenue Records are sent to RoR (Record of Rights). Vector data is matched with RoR data also.

Survey or Re-survey of an area

  • Survey is necessary when there is a new area or an updation of an existing area is required.

The process followed is:

  • Ground Control Network Generation
  • Pre-Survey Activity
  • Survey-Activity
  • Post-Survey Activity

Ground Control Network Generation

We generate 3 levels of Ground Network Control – Primary, Secondary & Tertiary


  • ROR Download from GSWAN Connection
  • Old Map Collection from DILR
  • KJP, DURASTI, Puravni Patrak collection from DILR Office
  • ROR and Old Map Data Print as part print for Survey Team
  • Tippan Data Collection & Re-generation
  • Gram Sabha visits

Survey Activity:

  • Detail Ground Survey Activity
  • Survey Drawing with generation from Survey Data
  • Quality Check with ROR
  • Tippan Setting/Superimposition on Survey Drawing
  • Cleanup & Topology Generation in Survey Drawing
  • GIS Theme Generation
  • GIS Theme Quality Check and Upgradation
  • LPM – Notice Generation

Post-Survey Activity:

  • Objection (Adjucation Process)
  • Adjucated Data is incorporated into Corrected Survey Theme
  • Notice Generation after Adjucation
  • Promulgation Data Generation
  • Promulgation Data Submission and Quality Checking
  • XML & JPG upload to GSWAN to generate new VF-7

Sample Screenshot

Map Data Print
Data Collection
Survey Drawing
Adjucated Data