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One Centralized Solution for Grievance Redressal

An easy-to-use Location Based centralized Grievance Redressal System which collated all calls and issues that are reported. There are provisions to monitor actions taken to solve these issues with information like the responsible department and the person assigned as well. A crucial part of the citizen grievance redressal system is the easy-to-use mobile application which sends accurate location information when the issue is reported, allowing the department a convenient way to know where to send resources. The application is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry.

This solution consists of 2 parts:

  1. Mobile Application
  2. Backend Web Application

Mobile Application Features

  • Easy to use and install : simply tap on the area of the issue and select a report
  • Convenient Grievance Reporting : To report issues which are faced by a Citizen in/ around his/ her area
  • Enhanced Interaction with Citizens : Feature to discover, contact details for different departments like Water, Electricity, Garbage Collection etc.
  • Flexible Privacy and Contact Settings : Feature A citizen can enter his contact details or choose to be anonymous too
  • Grievances with location information : While reporting grievances on the app, location information is also sent to the backend server. This allows the government to take immediate action and resolve the issue.
  • Flexible location collection options : Location information can be collected through GPS, Cell-Id and manually, If both are not available
  • Communicating Redressal : the system will notify the user when an issue has been resolved, allowing it to be a full communication loop between the government and the public.

Sample Screenshots

Citizen Grievance Application

Web Based Backend Application

The Web Based Backend application is a robust application allowing the government agency to click on events reported by citizens, and assign grievances directly to people. This ensures quick action for redressal and the system is efficient and transparent.

Sample Screenshots

Report for Unclean Trash and Dush Bin