eLoc by MapmyIndia is the Aadhar of Addresses

A Digital Address is necessary for a Digital India!

"What's your delivery address?" he asked.

"Pocket C2A... 147 flat number... Janakpuri... in New Delhi, Delhi", I said and then took an agonising few minutes explaining directions to my home!

Wouldn't it be easier if I could have quickly said 6 characters, say 8GDTYX, that he could have used to easily reach my place's exact doorstep???

How can we become a Digital India when our addresses and directions make us feel we are in the stone age? Is there no solution to this pain?

Why you should start using eLoc today

It is Simple

  • eLoc converts any address into simply 6 easy to remember characters (Eg. MMI000)
  • Gain freedom from having to remember, type, tell or search for long, complex Indian addresses and confusing naming systems.
  • Sharing the location/map of any place, door to door navigation, doorstep delivery, taxi pick up & drop, and governance/administration down to property level is now easier and more powerful with eLoc, India's first nation-wide digital address system by MapmyIndia!

It is Precise

  • eLoc by MapmyIndia is precise to the doorstep
  • You can see any place accurately on the map, reach its doorstep without getting lost or needing to ask for directions in the last mile, and get more information about the place, including reviews, neighbourhood amenities, photos.
  • Other maps and other address systems will be more inaccurate than MapmyIndia, let you down at the last mile/doorstep level, and will frustrate you and harm your business profits
  • eLoc on the other hand, will take you to the exact doorstep, making you more efficient, smarter and happier!

It is Ready to Use for FREE!

  • MapmyIndia is making available for FREE over 2 crore (20 million) and counting eLocs.
  • These eLocs cover more places (properties, flats, buildings, residences, houses, offices, businesses, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads etc) across urban and rural India than any other public or private provider.
  • Use MapmyIndia's app or partner with us to access and integrate MapmyIndia's eLoc data/APIs to enjoy the immense benefits of eLoc!

Enter any address, place or eLoc!

Everything gets better with eLoc!

  • Door-step delivery

    Food, e-commerce and courier companies save precious time/expenses delivering to verified addresses' exact doorstep

  • Door-to-door Navigation

    Easily & quickly type the 6 character of your destination's eLoc and get directions to its doorstep. No need to ask anyone or get lost!

  • Property Administration & Taxation

    Link geospatial (GIS) data with property tax/amenity information (MIS) for better delivery of civic services & tax assessment

  • Taxi pick up/drop-off

    Taxis won't waste time/money waiting 100m from pick up points, or searching for the right drop off points. Riders will be happier too!

  • Emergency Response

    Save precious time instead of explaining complicated addresses during emergency. 6 characters are much easier to communicate!

  • Asset & Utility Management

    Manage your assets and penetrate areas without standardized house addresses to provide water, gas & electricity effectively.

Partner with us to bring the power of eLoc to all of India
Over the last 20+ years, MapmyIndia has professionally surveyed and built India's most comprehensive digital map data base using state of the art mapping technologies, and has successfully delivered location based solutions to over 5000 leading business and government organisations and has built maps, GPS products and apps that millions of consumers have benefitted from. We strongly believe in the ability of maps, and especially eLoc, in transforming India and leapfrogging it to the forefront of the digital world. We are keen to collaborate with government agenices at all levels, businesses, and app developers to bring the power of eLoc to everyone. You can partner with us to get access to and integrate eLoc data, APIs, and apps into your own solutions, so that everyone can benefit from the power of MapmyIndia Maps, including eLoc. Contact us below with your partnership enquiry!

Our Many Happy Customers


  • 1. What is an eLoc?

    An eLoc is a 6 character digital address which forms India's FIRST National Digital Address system. It is simple, precise and ready-to-use for free and removes the complexities and hassles of providing multi-line, often misspelled addresses and searching and navigating to the doorstep of addresses in areas with confusing and conflicting address naming and ordering systems.

  • 2. How do I find my eLoc?

    Find your eLoc by searching for any address here. Use it to search for places, directions and categories and brands nearby on the MapmyIndia App or mobile app!

  • 3. Can I use it only on MapmyIndia app?

    Currently, you can search for your eLoc on MapmyIndia or MapmyIndia's Apps. However, use our APIs to integrate this into your smart apps, businesses, smart city solutions etc. for FREE to enable door-step delivery, navigation, governance, granular smart city solutions, taxi pick-up and drop - off, travel options, etc.

  • 4. What can I do if I can’t find my address?

    If you cannot currently find your address in the eLoc search, try adding it to our maps and get an automatically generated eLoc for the time being!

  • 5. How can I partner with MapmyIndia eLoc?

    Please email us at elocpartner@mapmyindia.com or get in touch using the form or call us at +919999333223! We would be happy to partner with you and help our world get better through maps and location technologies.