DriveMate is a small smart device for your car.

Simply plug the device into the OBD port of your car to enable your very own connected car system. There is NO wire cutting required, so feel free to plug the device into any car without worrying about how it will affect your warranty!


  • Driver Behaviour Notifications: Check In-app notifications for Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration & Harsh Cornering Events.
  • Car Care: New Document wallet for storing Driver's License, Insurance, Registration, PUC and Service documents.
  • Personalize: Customize In -app Car Icon according to your preferences.
  • ETA: Plan your trips with an estimated time of arrival feature.
  • Alarm Location: Identify the point of occurrences of alarms.
  • Share Location: Instantly share your car’s location with your family & friends via messaging services.
  • Track Points: Visual Track points provide sense of direction while monitoring your vehicle's live movement .
  • Live Location Data: See the live location of your vehicle whenever you need from anywhere in the world! Location data is shown on highly detailed maps with house numbers using real-time tracking technology.
  • SMS &Email Alerts: Prevent misuse and auto theft by getting real-time notifications when your ignition is turned on or off, and when the device is unplugged.
  • Over speeding & Idling Alerts: Configure your device with desired speed and idle time threshold values from the DriveMate application & get alerts for over speeding  and idling scenarios.
  • Insurance  & Service Renewal Alerts: You’re busy. We know!  Simply enter the dates for your insurance renewal and your car servicing, and we’ll make sure to remind you.
  • Geofence Alerts: Mark areas on the map and get alerts on vehicle’s entry and exit on your areas.
  • Find your car: Ever been in a situation where you forgot where you parked? With DriveMate, you will never lose your car again. Track your car using the mobile app and get directions to it from anywhere!

DriveMate Max!

Enhance car care opportunities with Drivemate Max. This version of Drivemate includes some additional set of features for consumers interested in better and easier customer service from their dealership.

Stay connected with your car and your dealership for better customer service!

  • Quick access to your dealer’s contact details
  • Get directions to a service center with the tap of a button
  • Reserve a service time for your car directly from your app
  • If the car breaks down call for Road Side Assistance (RSA) from the app itself
  • Share your exact location with the RSA vehicle for faster assistance

DriveMate Pro!

Car data with Drivemate Pro. This version of Drivemate includes some additional set of features for getting vehicle and diagnostics parameters.

Stay connected with your car!

  • Today’s Stats section provides a snapshot of today’s traveled journey, Driver Behavior stats, vehicle diagnostics related information*
  • Now get an immediate visual indication for the Driving Behavior or Status for the current day.
  • Vehicle diagnostic related information can also be monitored using the Drivemate Pro application.
  • List of parameters are :
    • Vehicle Parameters: Speed, Current RPM, Battery Voltage
    • Diagnostic parameters: Check engine Light along with count of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), Engine Coolant Temperature and Name and discription of fault code generated
  • Get summary for the current day drives in a single view .
  • User can easily extract the drive related information in a single glance :
    • Traveled distance, Time duration, Total idle time

DriveMate OBD Extension

This extension cable is an accessory to your DriveMate/ Drivemate Max/ Drivemate PRO device.

This extension cable gives you freedom and flexibility to mount the DriveMate at any place behind the car dashboard and enabling smooth operation thereby offering complete peace of mind.

You should use this cable If:

  • You have a cover over the OBD2 port of your car because of which you are not able to close it once you install the Drivemate.
  • GPS Signal is weak where your OBD2 port is located
  • You want to hide your Drivemate from privy eyes
  • After installing Drivemate, it comes in way of operating your car (Depressing clutch, accelerator, brake etc.)

Kit Contents:

  • One Drivemate extension cable, length 1.5 mtr.
  • 3M Automotive Grade Double Sided tape with Velcro
  • Zip Tie – 5 Nos


Parameter DriveMate DriveMate Max DriveMate Pro
1. Live Tracking      
Live Location of vehicle with Trail      
2. Alarms and Alerts      
Ignition Alarm    
Geofence Alarms and creation      
Overspeeding Alert      
Device Unplugged Alert      
Alarm Occurrence Location on map      
Car care section : Insurance Expiry Reminder      
Car care section : Service Due Reminder      
Car care section : PUC Expiry Reminder      
3. History      
History Route Replay      
Travelled distance for the day      
Green Driving Scenarios (HA,HB,HC)      
4. Miscellaneous      
Documents Holder      
Share Car location      
Provision for ETA      
5. Service and Assistance      
Dealer Provisioned Road Side Assistance Details      
Dealer Provisioned Car service Centre details      
5. Vechile parameters and diagnostic parameters      
Information regarding Check engine light      
Information regrading engine coolant temperature      
Information regrading vehicle RPM      
Information regarding No. of DTC codes      
Information regarding Kms run with engine light on      

Just Connect to DriveMate

Make your car safer and smarter with the next generation car technology. Just connect DriveMate to the OBD port of your vehicle and view location, reports and alerts.

Tech Specs
Dimensions L(50.7mm) X W(49.6mm) X H(25mm)
Battery 170mAh, 3.7v, Rechargeable Lithium-polymer
Status LED 2 LED’s: GPS and GSM
GPS Sensitivity -161dBm
GPS High-sensitivity GPS with accuracy of ≤ 10m
GSM GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 Mhz
Operating Temp. -25 °C to +55°C
Storage Temp. -40 °C to +70°C
Power Supply 10-16 V DC 2W Max
Humidity 5-95%
In The Box
  • DriveMate Device
  • User Manual,
  • Quick Start Guide,
  • Warranty card,
  • SIM Agreement and
  • Activation Form.


Just connect DriveMate to the OBD port of your vehicle and view location, reports and alerts.