WorkMate – The Field Workforce App: Incomparable SaaS

WorkMate is another of the “incomparable” cloud-based software application from MapmyIndia to support businesses manage their workforce in the field. The software uses MapmyIndia’s comprehensive and accurate mapping data as the base on which to function, using its house-number-level capability for increased accuracy.

Field Force Management

Available for the web (Manager Access) as well as mobile application (Field Workforce), it works very well with Android smartphone devices. The software for iOS is on the way and expected quite soon. The user just needs to sign up and the application can be used as soon as it is downloaded from the play store. The software works offline too, keeping track, saving the information, and allowing it to sync with the server once GPRS or Wi-fi returns.
The facilities and features it provides are choices based and graded depending on the plan you opt for and your field workforce count. Quite versatile functionally, the software can provide online documentation facility, email support, end-to-end customised application development as well as application program interface capabilities.

It can manage a workforce of 10 field staff to an unlimited number in the final graded service plan. An added advantage is the privacy it provides once you detail the working time period for the field staff. It monitors only within that specified time period and stops thereafter. Owing to the open communication provided by the application, the field staff can check-in from their service locations, receive customer addresses along with detailed step-by-step directions to reach their target destinations. Also, task management capability of Workmate help admin users to manage assignments of their field workforce.
The field workforce is tracked using the GPS on their devices. Their locations can thus be monitored on a real-time basis. As MapmyIndia’s Head of Marketing, Delhi based Tarini Sundar, put it quite simply during her discussion with Livemint: “Through the web app, you will be able to see where all your field employees are on a given working day.”

The two-way information flow and the associated remote guidance facility enhances efficiency, increasing field staff accountability at the same time. It helps visualize the gaps in performance and aids in taking remedial action where required. This results in a quantum fall in the wastage of time, fuel and man-hours, increasing the return on investment.

A white-labeled application, the display, and the branding are customizable to any company or business needs. The WorkMate software is universally usable across verticals. Its versatility cuts across industries from Sales, Service, Delivery, Distribution, Healthcare to the Public Sector, Communication & Utilities.
And the last but not the least – MapmyIndia’s customer-care services are there to jump in and provide 24×7 support and help wherever you require it.

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