Journey Risk management: Digital Mapping Perspective

MapmyIndia, with its power of maps & location based IoT solutions, is addressing the needs of organizations in the space of Journey Risk Management. The solution addresses in identifying locations & intensity of static & dynamic hazards, determining impacts & assessing associated risk scores of the routes as well as of the drivers. An increasing number of applications in the transportation industry rely on the availability of accurate high definition digital maps, describing the road network geometry with attributes such as; absolute height, slope, sharp turns, road width, speed limit, number of lanes,
stop sign, zebra crossing, traffic signal, blind turns & pedestrian. The role of spatial correlation further analyzes the spatial viability of emergency services offered for Journey Risk Management. Map identification of the accident-prone zones, hospitals, police stations, fuel stations etc. along the roadways using digital mapping helps with planning, response & recovery efforts, and situational awareness. The high definition map applications and getting information on telematics data from onboard sensors and IoT devices enhance spatial perception. Building rich 3D maps using HD map, Lidars & sensor data attributes, provide recognition and situation awareness to In-vehicle systems & drivers.

To build these High Definition 3D maps with Information about the road infrastructure and potential risks of driving on different routes as well as driver behaviors, MapmyIndia possesses the complete state-of-art technologies that include advanced car survey, Real-View Survey, IoT devices and smart mobile applications. Efforts to enhance road safety are based on the engineering and evaluation of road infrastructure where digital mapping plays a crucial role for safer roads.

Rishin Kalra Senior Vice President, MapmyIndia

Rishin Kalra Senior Vice President, MapmyIndia

Giving a reality check on what the risks are and how using high definition digital map applications address the challenges of the road journey,  MapmyIndia participated on the panel of “Journey Risk Management in Roadsafety” at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) event “Role of Corporates in Road Safety” Rishin Kalra Senior Vice President, MapmyIndia, gave insights on the spatial perspective of the Journey risk management with future of high definition maps and telematics data as a part of its products & solutions would play a big role to mitigate road risks and serve the society at large

Forbes India Covered: MapmyIndia Moves Towards Consumer Map Product

“A long-drawn battle for supremacy is underway in India’s online navigation space…….” states Manu Balachandran of Forbes India in his latest article:

MapmyIndia deeply entrenched in the B2B geo-spatial terrain till now, has consciously invaded the consumer online navigational space incubating plans & strategies for growing dominance over its rivals. Rakesh Verma, Chairman & Managing Director MapmyIndia, in his interview informs Forbes India. “We had said we want to ultimately go to the consumer and today our core strength is building the best quality maps with more focus on the consumers.” MapmyIndia has taken its maps directly to the consumer with the launch of its new app in February, with maps “better than whoever”. MapmyIndia caters over 80% of the B2B market of business in automobiles, and the future looks good with long-term contracts.

Knowing and accepting the tough completion ahead, MapmyIndia is focused on providing a “seamless experience” to each and every customer. MapmyIndia has built an accurate & comprehensive database of the Indian geospatial terrain that few companies can compete with. This includes detailed data collated on the socio-economic, demographic spread, and thousands of points of interest – all of which has been regularly updated through the years. “Focusing on technology, aggressive market reach, the revamped map app &  building business with tie-ups, MapmyIndia is geared up to take the industry challenge and provide more meaningful products and services for the businesses, government & consumers in particular.

“They certainly have the accuracy and a good product at hand” Gogia of Greyhound Research points out:  “What also works is that the company (MapmyIndia) has an Indian face. That’s a huge advantage with government projects as maps are sensitive entities.”

The MMI Team has worked hard and diligently, using limited resources, yet extremely innovative expertise and developed e-locations or eLoc in short. They have digitally mapped physical properties and addresses, converting each address into a unique, six-digit, alpha-numeric code. MapmyIndia has created a database of over 2 crore such properties across some 7,000 towns and 6 lakh villages in rural India.                                                                                “Unless somebody can physically map all this, it will be a big entry barrier,” informed Mr. Verma.

MapmyIndia is geared up for a strong marketing thrust and is confident. The products and services being “Made in India” and “Made for India”, with confidence that that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” programme generates the expected and required growth:  “We aren’t getting a level-playing field here and if the government is serious about building big companies in India, it must ensure that.”

Forbes India reiterates the confidence radiated by Rakesh Verma when he smiles and says that “he will have the last laugh.”

Win or lose, MapmyIndia is here to stay.

“Precision Mapped Weather Forecasts” by MapmyIndia & TWC

You will now be able to access local weather, extended forecasts & temperature information in real time, for any location Pan India. Adding to its list of awesome features, MapmyIndia, partners with The Weather Company (TWC) an IBM business, to integrate weather-related information on its mapping solutions. Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director MapmyIndia, during his press interaction informed “The weather information at hyper-local level and on real-time basis, will help customers make informed business decisions at faster pace. Accessed easily on web and mobile, the solution will enable higher profits and increased operational efficiency for customers”.
With MapmyIndia and TWC working together with highly accurate maps and timely weather predictions, preventive actions could be planned to save lives and prevent damage to national property caused due to unpredictable weather patterns. These “Precision Mapped Weather Forecasts” from MapmyIndia and TWC together, may help alleviate a lot of weather related issues in coming times.
MapmyIndia maps have been regularly used across government agencies. National Food Storage companies like Food Corporation of India would be able to use their exact digital storage locations on MMI maps and related weather forecasts to identify risk areas. They could then effectively protect their grain stores across the nation. Geo-fencing of areas, and looking at their weather data collated by TWC over years, would help predict rain weather conditions to save crops in states like Punjab.
Benefits of this “hand-shake” will accrue across various industries. Commenting on TWC’s partnerships, Himanshu Goyal says “Besides government, we are targeting sectors like automotive, sports, agriculture, logistics and disaster management,” during his interaction with The Economic Times
The collaboration has been published by the The Economic Times and PTI with inputs from Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director, Mapmylndia and Himanshu Goyal, India Sales and Alliance Leader, TWC
The Economic Times story was also covered in the Bangalore print edition of the paper.

The interaction with PTI was also covered across Business Standard; Business Today; India Today; Outlook India.

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As MapmyIndia enters Google territory, can it beat the Goliath of internet?

Proud to be featured in the Economic Times!

Economic Times on, Sunday, February 25th, 2018, featured MapmyIndia founders Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Rashmi Verma, clad in typical mapping-trekking gear, with a smile that speaks volumes of their passion and achievements in the niche space of mapping and location technology. The Economic Times goes on to describe Mapmyindia’s recently launched “Always-on-product” the online version of fully featured consumer Map App. MapmyIndia is stepping up in the consumer space where maps have become a part of every- day life, be it for navigation, search, getting real-time traffic, locating the nearest ATM or a favourite restaurant or staying connected through connected devices.

Moving ahead from empowering the automobile space to providing fully featured Map App in order to map all postal addresses in India, MapmyIndia is focused on providing solutions, for consumers, businesses & the government. The much-awaited Map App is backed up by better, comprehensive and detailed mapping data, giving an edge to its users.

ET quotes Rakesh Verma: “he has a product that is better than Google Maps and is now making it free as well. He says this initiative would bring reliability to the table and claims that with every address mapped, MapmyIndia would be a far better option for finding an address than the landmark-based system created by Google Maps.” With strategic rather than financial partners, MapmyIndia is successfully establishing itself in the geospatial consumer world.


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MapmyIndia at Auto Expo 2018

The 2018 edition of the Auto Expo has had been an engaging experience, considering the motor show witnessed most of the players of the automotive industry which are also MapmyIndia customers and we are proud to be associated with them.

The event took place between 7th – 14th February 2018, at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. We were a part of the main event where we were exhibiting our consumer products and also our innovations for automakers who are absorbing newer technology and are adapting to solutions that suits the rugged Indian conditions.

MapmyIndia unveiled the “MSMP”  (MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform), an innovation to define a connected vehicle strategy, integrate a range of technologies with better maps, build data analytics solutions and give impetus to developing safe, efficient and convenience in the smart mobility development. The solution covers applications in vehicle diagnostics, mobile integration, safety, passenger convenience & comfort, fuel efficiency, driver behaviour and more.

It is always good to be a part of the industry trending in style and innovation, giving us opportunities to provide them with solutions and defining and improving our own innovation strategy.  We look forward to keep our customers happy and giving them always what we are the best in “Making the world better with maps and location technologies”

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