MapmyIndia acquires Vidteq to build next generation video maps

MapmyIndia announced that its Real View platform is now capable of building the world’s first ‘Digital Map Twin of the Real World’.

Real View Digital Map Twin can capture, recognize and publish “real-as-life” 3D and 360 degree maps of both outdoors and indoors via GPS, laser and panoramic camera sensors that are embedded on top of ground-based vehicles, backpacks, trains, flying drones, and trolleys that can move quickly indoors.

MapmyIndia acquired Bengaluru-based video maps provider VIDTEQ to build this digital map twin. VIDTEQ’s technology allows users to view video-based directions between two different points in a city. VIDTEQ has covered more than 20 cities across the country.

“We are the pioneers in VideoMaps. By joining hands with MapmyIndia, who are the leaders in digital maps and location technologies, we would like to together build next generation Advanced VideoMaps that can power Autonomous Vehicles” said Chandra Thimmannagari, Founder and CEO at VIDTEQ.

“The MapmyIndia and VIDTEQ teams are excited to build the future of maps and location technologies together, that can make our world better” said MapmyIndia CTO Rohan Verma.

Real View platform can be updated continuously by using its IoT platform InTouch and its analytics engine Insight. InTouch processes real-time video streams, vehicle sensors data and professionally moderated crowd-sourced reports on traffic and road conditions while Insight analyses geo-tagged videos in real-time via computer-vision and machine learning techniques to recognize and extract fixed features and changing obstacles on/conditions of the roads. MapmyIndia is also using its recently launched digital address system eLoc to offer users 6 character unique alphanumeric code for the place.

“We are excited to pioneer building of the Real World’s Digital Map Twin, and are proud to say that India and MapmyIndia will lead the world in mapping innovation and technologies.” said MapmyIndia managing director Rakesh Verma. “We are happy to serve all our customers and users, across industry, government, automotive and consumer verticals in mapping the indoors, outdoors, in 360 degree, in 3D, and in real-time to enable a significantly better level of governance, business, transport and everyday live”


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