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Zee Business interviews our MD & Co-founder, Mr. Rakesh Verma on the Prime Minister’s dreams

Zee Business interviews our MD & Co-founder, Mr. Rakesh Verma on the Prime Minister’s dreams being realized with our very own GPS system. One use case that MapmyIndia and ISRO have already worked on is an app for fisherman safety that uses NavIC!

Fisherman often unintentionally cross the border and need a smart bluetooth and GPS based system on their phone that not only tells them where they are mostly likely to catch fish, but also alerts them when they are near the international marine boundary.

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MapmyIndia’s MD & Co-founder MR. Rakesh Verma features 25 year journey of MapmyIndia, building maps and location data covered MapmyIndia’s success story of creating India’s most exhaustive, accurate, and information rich digital maps and revolutionizing the use of GIS in the business models in India. The company was started by the husband-wife duo, Rakesh & Rashmi Verma in 1994 who led MapmyIndia’s pioneering and path ­breaking effort to create the foundation, framework and architecture for a robust and scale-able model of digital mapping in India. Today MapmyIndia team successfully delivers India’s most comprehensive and feature rich location data products and services. This unique and highly effective business model of MapmyIndia has been highly acknowledged and recommended in a case study by Harvard Business Review.

“Currently, the company offers an entire API stack, IOT devices, a map app, and is creating disruptive technologies for a better, safer and a smarter India. It has mapped over 10.54 Mn unique Points of Interests, expanded coverage of over 2 Mn Kilometers of road network, 7068 cities at street level with house address level data for 80 cities, 6 Lakh villages, and 3D & 2D landmarks in 86 cities”. The core of the company is that we build maps, says Rohan Verma, CTO MapmyIndia.  Taking forward his parents passion and legacy, his vision is, to, creating the digital twin of the real world. A full 360-degree, indoor, outdoor, where we have an idea of how the world functions. The idea is that one day the digital twin of the world has to be made, for digital world experience.

Not fazed by the competition , Mapmyindia is dedicated to providing value added services with maps and location technologies, an asset for the country, with focus on being better, thus playing a key role in developing smart cities and swacch Bharat initiatives to make a world better place for the billions.

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Hindustan Times announces Ford’s partnership with MapmyIndia

Hindustan Times announces Ford’s partnership with Mapmyindia for its SYNC AppLink Platform. Ford expects to enhance user experience by helping users with real time location, navigation through traffic or for any search via category or brand, through voice commands.

Hindustantimes announcement

Hindustan Times Announcement

News18 covers MapmyIndia’s Ford partnership on Ford SYNC AppLink Platform

News18 covers MapmyIndia’s Ford partnership using MapmyIndia’s Map App on Ford SYNC AppLink. The inclusion of this in-car technology takes the otherwise smooth experience of a comfortable drive to a new level. The user will also experience voice as well as textual driving directions to the selected Point of Interest via category and brand search. With Sync, Ford looks forward to making more enhanced apps available for its consumers, with technology companies like Mapmyindia, to enable superior connected car experience.

News18 covers MapmyIndia’s Ford partnership

News18 covers MapmyIndia’s Ford partnership

Geospatial Media and Communications interviews Rohan Verma on eLoc by MapmyIndia

“eLoc represents a Smart Digital Address System. The World Bank in 2005 said that Addressing is a real problem. Which is why you see countries going through a new address system every 20 years. In India for example, there are so many ways of addressing… and these are confusing, and nothing has really solved the problem…

When an emergency happens and someone calls up the dial 100 service saying there’s an emergency, send someone to C block 231, 3rd floor etc…. that’s taking too much time. They should just say, ‘send someone to 8GDTYX”. Its much quicker and dis-ambiguous…

We believe that this will be the fundamental base. Just like Aadhaar has been for people, eLoc will be for addresses.” – Rohan Verma, CTO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia

To check & share your eLoc today, visit & search for your address. To learn more about how eLoc can be used for doorstep delivery, door-step level civic service delivery, disaster management etc., please visit –

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