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MTrack – MapmyIndia vehicle Tracker to “keep you on-track always” with MOVE

MapmyIndia’s latest vehicle tracking device “MTrack” is powered with precise, reliable and continuously updated all India maps to ensure accurate tracking of your vehicle. Our smart and innovative tracking system helps you remotely monitor your car from wherever you are, using the mobile app- Move. Loaded with multiple features, the device keeps you in close and constant touch with your loved ones. It also allows you to keep a tab on the location of your vehicle in real time.

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

Designed keeping in mind the diversity of automobile makes and models available to the discerning customer, the tracker has universal connectivity and can be installed in all existing brands and automobile models. Economic and cost-effective, MTrack is available online through the MapmyIndia e-Store and through e-commerce outlets Snapdeal, Amazon, and Flipkart.

The device is light-weight, small and compact and has a dedicated battery back-up. What makes the MTrack uniquely efficient is the exhaustive map app Move that is loaded on the activation of the device. Once connected and installed in the vehicle, MTrack allows tracking and navigation in real-time.
Remote tracking or monitoring of multiple devices is possible and alarms are set up for whenever the vehicles enter or leave the geo-fenced areas. The alarm can also be programmed to set for, if the device is unplugged or ignition is turned on or off, the car is idling or in case of the vehicle moving at speeds higher than the regulated or programmed limit. A special capability is designed into the device to immobilize the vehicle in case of theft or any such similar emergency. The vehicle can then be recovered using its real-time location. MTrack can replay historical travel data. This enables study, evaluation, and improvement on earlier trips.

Vehicle Tracking Device

Vehicle Tracking Device

All-in-all with its multiple bouquets of features MTrack is a desirable buy. And in case of any support, the 24×7 MapmyIndia Customer Care is readily available to answer any queries and render immediate and timely assistance.

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Location Intelligence Key to the growth of BFSI sector

Business leaders and Technology experts discuss future technology trends impacting the BFSI sector


Map The Future Dialogue

MapmyIndia in association with TechGig hosted an exclusive ‘Boardroom Dialogue’ on 10th May 2018 at Times House in Mumbai. The event witnessed the industry thought leadership from leading banks, insurance & financial to discuss the critical importance of location intelligence in the BFSI domain. MapmyIndia was pleased to welcome senior executives from leading companies at, “Map the Future” dialogue, focused on Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.

  • BFSI

“Why location matters in BFSI sector” Have banking services become commodities due to growing competition with the requirements of the customer going diverse. The session deliberated on how location is envisioned in the BFSI growth story. ‘Costs, Privacy, Customer Analytics, Risk & Use of Artificial Intelligence” dominated this boardroom discussion.

Location is important to build data layer. Overlaying market potential on current transaction data will help to identify top markets for penetration. Companies in the BFSI sector are investing heavily in Financial Technologies (Fintech) and the addition of location layer is becoming critical, especially for banks, to track the consumer footprints. Shivalik Prasad, Executive Director, MapmyIndia stressed on the transformation of banking sector — automation, digitization and visualization rendering obsolete, the concept of traditional banking from i.e. checkbooks to RTGS and online.


“It is essential to adopt new technologies to understand your users and deep dive to build customer intelligence data. Using artificial intelligence along with geotagging to know customer intent will help develop authentic consumer profiles”.

Geo analytics as a part of location technology is useful for Market penetration and Gap analysis. It helps executives to identify and validate the potential of new market opportunities, current position, success capabilities and investment criteria for a new product or service launch. Insights into customer transactions and behavior help to create customer profiles and are useful in planning and risk mitigation. “Understanding location-based transactions for lending are becoming important for credit models.
MapmyIndia is providing the location layer to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world. With the government push, the trends in Indian banking and financial sector are increasing exponentially. Marrying the customer information data with banking will offer data based on location intelligence and that would bring in the intelligent use of location in workflows and processes with artificial intelligence. This hybrid data, thus collected, would be the best indicator of growth in the financial sector.


As MapmyIndia enters Google territory, can it beat the Goliath of internet?

Proud to be featured in the Economic Times!

Economic Times on, Sunday, February 25th, 2018, featured MapmyIndia founders Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Rashmi Verma, clad in typical mapping-trekking gear, with a smile that speaks volumes of their passion and achievements in the niche space of mapping and location technology. The Economic Times goes on to describe Mapmyindia’s recently launched “Always-on-product” the online version of fully featured consumer Map App. MapmyIndia is stepping up in the consumer space where maps have become a part of every- day life, be it for navigation, search, getting real-time traffic, locating the nearest ATM or a favourite restaurant or staying connected through connected devices.

Moving ahead from empowering the automobile space to providing fully featured Map App in order to map all postal addresses in India, MapmyIndia is focused on providing solutions, for consumers, businesses & the government. The much-awaited Map App is backed up by better, comprehensive and detailed mapping data, giving an edge to its users.

ET quotes Rakesh Verma: “he has a product that is better than Google Maps and is now making it free as well. He says this initiative would bring reliability to the table and claims that with every address mapped, MapmyIndia would be a far better option for finding an address than the landmark-based system created by Google Maps.” With strategic rather than financial partners, MapmyIndia is successfully establishing itself in the geospatial consumer world.


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M2M covers- MapmyIndia Smart Mobile Platform (MSMP)

Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia says, “I am confident that the MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform will prove to be a game changer for the Indian Automotive Industry. With the combined power of Maps, Navigation, Tracking & Analytics, the Automotive OEMs would now be able to offer – convenience, safety, efficiency and community engagement to both personal and commercial customers. All of MapmyIndia’s solutions and IoT devices will henceforth be powered by the new MSMP platform. MapmyIndia has always endeavoured to bring the benefits of location technology to maximum number of Indians through its innovations in the Smart Mobility domain, leveraging MapmyIndia’s best-in-class, professionally created map data to provide accurate granular hyper-local search, down to house numbers. MSMP is truly, a Make in India solution that is Made for India.”

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Auto Tech Review covers- MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform (MSMP)

MapmyIndia has unveiled the new, comprehensive MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform (MSMP), designed to address the emerging challenges of the Automotive Industry for both personal and commercial customers. MSMP can be easily connected to the vehicle using multiple interfaces like SDL (smart device link). MapmyIndia Smart Mobility Platform (MSMP) becomes a central control point for the interaction between the vehicle and the user.

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