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Enabling train tracking in real time with GPS

The service begins for the routes of Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai by February-end, spreading across the entire nation in later stages.

INDIA Updated: Nov 30, 2017 14:40 IST Hindustan Times, New Delhi

In an attempt to ensure timely running of trains, the Railways has planned to use GPS-enabled tracking devices in the trains. This usage of the GPS-based devices fitted in locomotives would provide advance information to the passengers and the railway authorities.

GPS-enabled tracking devices

GPS-enabled tracking devices

This provision is intended to be made available in real-time basis for overcoming the slower manual system and instead provide accurate train timings. MapmyIndia is delighted to be a part of this collaboration as this would aid in avoiding delays and rather show a good punctuality record.
Lately, the test run implemented in Mughalsarai division in October has been a success. This pilot experiment provided crucial information as the system plotted the train on the map as well as on the speed chart. Additionally, it also offered live information such as trains didn’t run on the maximum permissible speed, drivers exercised excessive controls at cautions, late start and extra stoppage of trains, and a speedometer errors as well.
The railway minister Mr. PiyushGoyal has now asked all 16 railway zones in India to adopt this system, called real-time punctuality monitoring and analysis (RPMA), to ensure punctuality and safety.Thereby, train status is continuously accessible consequently allowing the drivers and guards to be evaluated on real-time performance parameters.

This entire range of digital information could go a long way in streamlining the country’s largest public carrier.
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MapmyIndia was featured in Sunday Times on 3rd December 2017

Revolutionary Entrepreneurship & Importance of Building Valued Products

Delhi: With the progressive digital mapping and location technology that allows navigation with ease in this current age has been possible because of a transformations like that by MapmyIndia- (Make in India Company) founded long before people even knew about internet.
Prior to the time mobile phones made maps ubiquitous, the company founders; Mr. Rakesh Verma and Mrs. Rashmi Verma realized the importance of upcoming need for digital maps and took a bet on the emerging internet space in early 1990s.

Working to develop the products along with understanding the need to be able to work on low profits at the initial business growth stage, the company invested in employees and technology. This crucial practice thereby led to building strong partnerships and loyal investor relationships. The company has evolved and expanded the business rapidly by following core values and practice of creating valued products, by the adhering to build well-organized intellectual property database.
Now, with large contracts with automotive, E-commerce and government entities providing steady revenue and profit. MapmyIndia brings about new products and solutions constantly. The company is at this point is also working on a digital address for everyone and have partnered with the income tax and postal departments.
As stated by MapmyIndia’s MD & Founder Mr. Verma, the practice of building a long-term product which is valuable to the people helps in staying in the sustainable business for a long period of time, especially by entering a business where there are entry barriers for others.

Dainik Jagaran covers eLoc – India’s smart digital address system

The government is planning towards digitally mapping all the addresses in the country, whether residential or official. MapmyIndia’s eLoc, India’s first Nation-wide Digital Address will transform historical addresses and disrupt traditional mapping and navigation services, bringing immense convenience to individuals and significant benefits to businesses and governments across India.

Dainik Jagaran (NOIDA edition - Pg 3) Noida 24 November 2017 - India Posts apooints MapmyIndia Digital Address Pilot

Dainik Jagaran (NOIDA edition – Pg 3) Noida 24 November 2017 – India Posts apoints MapmyIndia Digital Address Pilot

The pilot project is being carried out by the Department of Posts (DoP), which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Communications. Department of Posts will allot a six-character alphanumeric digital address for every property and create eLoc or eLocation. – Once mapped, the addresses will be linked to information like property and ownership details, property tax records, and details on utilities like electricity, water and gas.

Mr. Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia informs that benefits of eloc will help travelers and commuters search, share and navigate to doorstep destination. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains”.

Its Time to Celebrate!!

MapmyIndia is a proud family and appreciates commitment and dedication in everyone’s work. For the past few months, everyone has been working hard to achieve assigned tasks. To celebrate, MapmyIndia warriors were somewhere between the river and the forest, under a canopy of stars, at Jim Corbett from Nov 18th – 20th. The trip was a unique team building experience in a fabulous venue by the river – The Hridayesh Spa Wilderness Resort.

“It is the people who make the company and the character development of the people reflects in the character development of the company”. Amidst all the fun and frolic, our co-founder- Mrs Rashmi Verma’s inspirational talk on Maslow’s theory of self-actualization that helped many to understand their personal and professional hierarchy of needs. The teams are rejuvenated and look forward to innovating and bringing out future innovations that will make our world better through maps & location technologies.

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DOP partners with MapmyIndia to bring the power of eLoc to all of India

Times of India Nov 16, 2017
The department of post – which is under the ministry of communications — has ordered a pilot project that will accord a six-character alphanumeric digital address for every property for three postal pin code locations. A simple, standardized and precise pan-India digital address system , includes over 2 crore eLocs of individuals, businesses and government set-ups (properties, flats, buildings, residences, houses, offices, businesses, tourist points of interest, villages, localities, cities, roads etc) across urban and rural India.

Accessing and integrating these eLoc data, MapmyIndia MD, Rakesh Verma said, “eLoc will help travelers and commuters search, share and navigate to a destination’s exact doorstep far more easily and quickly. It will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains”.

Times of India DOP partners with MapmyIndia

Times of India – DOP partners with MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia to bring the power of eLoc to all of India

MapmyIndia to bring the power of eLoc to all of India