One of the main values of our company is to make our world better. Not only is it a vital part of the company’s mission, but it is also ingrained in each and every employee of the company. As a company, we want to make an impact to lesser privileged sections of society, and help our country at large achieve to its full potential. India is a country where a majority of the population still lives below the poverty line and we all need to work with compassion to make sure each citizen has a better standard of living with equal opportunities and access to basic amenities.

Goonj - Donation of Clothes

Our country is one with harsh and varying climates based on geography. Particularly in the winter, warm clothes are of absolute necessity to prevent illness and disease. Large sections of the less privileged require these clothes to survive cold temperatures, but do not have access or means to buy. For this, we have been associated with Goonj since 2014. CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. actively participates in “RAHAT WINTERS”, an annual campaign of Goonj to donate warm clothes to the underprivileged. Each year, our employees donate warm clothes, for all ages, in good condition to benefit the less fortunate and get them through the winter time.

Rotary Club - Blood Donation

Another extremely important issue in our country is blood donation. Each day hospitals and health care facilities around our country require blood and blood components to help those in need. Most medical procedures and surgical interventions require blood, so it is important to keep donating to ensure sufficient supply in our country. CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. has not only financially supported Rotary Club of India, but has also got personally involved with Check-dam programs under Rotary Club in State of Rajasthan. We strongly believe in bringing about a positive change to our society and are proud to partner with the Rotary Club.